Must Visit Place When You Take Holiday Travel in Makassar

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Makassar in south sulawesi have lots of places out to explore. however for your own first time you go there, 5 places in makassar is mandatory you go.

Makassar may be a complete tourist destination. there’s historical tourism, religious tourism, beaches and islands, culinary and looking. not surprisingly, makassar may be a pearl within the whole eastern indonesian tourism.

there might be a few places who might be identical out to makassar you should visit when traveling out to the town. reported asiafreetravel, thursday these some places are :

Fort Rotterdam

Makassar losari not merely have, but as well as a historical tour of one’s south sulawesi recorded each enduring an ancient fortress, fort rotterdam. the place is likewise referred to as ujung fort is located in ujung jalan no. 1, town of makassar.

Arriving in front of fort rotterdam, greeted visitors a statue sultan hasanuddin who was riding onto the right of one’s entrance. a big arrangement of letters is likewise evident that browse, fort rotterdam embedded upon the front page greets visitors.

The entrance of the fort fort rotterdam is regarding 3 feet tall. coming into the within fort rotterdam, visitors are greeted by a beautiful green park nan who was in the dead center of one’s fort. the garden was surrounded by a 2-storey recent building, whereas regarding 3 feet high wall surrounding the fort rotterdam looked it. fort rotterdam guaranteed throws visitors to incorporate financing time.

Fort rotterdam whenever the likes of design, this can be therefore cool. there’s a hallway, walkway, ramp and wall thickness. scenery is likewise fascinating, aforementioned ikhsan.

Losari Beach

Losari is synonymous when using the town of makassar. this is that the icon on your town anging mamiri. losari excellent record when using the pulse of life makassar. long coastline is currently decorated utilizing a nice garden out to be enjoyed whenever you like.

Losari located at jalan comforter, west of makassar. towards losari terribly simple, direct from sultan hasanuddin airport no more than took concerning half-hour by car or motorcycle.

Losari isn’t present similar sand beach in indonesia. there’s however an extended bridge as well as a floating dock made of simple picket bridges and drums plastic box.

Most fitting spot out to take pictures at losari course in front of massive letters that build along the word beach losari white measuring concerning 1. 5 meters tall. no more than the not just the words losari, not faraway from there additionally exist different writings constituting a red letter town of makassar, bugis and makassar.

First line losari shaped bay. fit the first 2000s made the way connecting the bay out to the middle line on your beach, thus it’s nowadays, same ikhsan khairil sube, residents explained out to asiafreetravel makassar.

Museum La Galigo

Don’t go home when i visit fort rotterdam. within the fort, there’s a museum of la galigo, that stores the proof and records the history of one’s individuals living in south sulawesi. the ticket is rp 5, 000 for adults and rp 3, 000 for children.

Within the whole museum there’s a collection of historic objects ranging from rocks and fossils of ancient weapons sulawasi the south. there will be axes, arrowheads, jewellery, sculpture and way more.

Additionally to firmly ancient artifacts, museum la galigo too showcases the history of life in south sulawesi. there will be miniature traditional houses and miniatures depicting the ship phinisi south sulawesi as an achieved sailor.


Also clearly as the major cities of indonesia, makassar too possesses a chinatown. makassar chinatown district covers regarding 44 acres across direct from port of makassar. the highway happens to be the main road jalan sulawesi and irian.

One marker happens to be the chinatown gate typical chinese design. lunar and cap go meh celebration may be a lively 2 travelers visited the region. however different than that, chinatown may be a culinary tourism space.

If to firmly chinatown, there’s such issue as jl serui contents cakwe handyman. if in jl bali, there will be delicious noodle dumplings. well, if there’s breakfast within the whole oriental vogue chicken porridge jl sulawesi, aforementioned ikhsan.

Makassar Town Museum

Museums in makassar not merely museum la galigo. there will be still makassar town museum are without any less fascinating. the museum is located at city hall road no. 11, makassar, not so much direct from center. this museum is an recent two-story building utilizing a european vogue.

A distinctive feature of the museum is an recent cannon, the previous of makassar war within the whole 17th century. digeletakan cannon in front of one’s museum. within the museum, a traveler will see a collection of historic objects direct from colonial empire onto the netherlands.

For the museum of makassar, no cannon balls, chinese ceramics direct from ming dynasty, currency voc and of course the kingdom of gowa. there will be too historical documents inclusive of the agreement between voc and bongaya sultan hasanuddin, a collection of recent photos and stone artifacts found in somba opu. oh yes, the entrance onto the museum is free.

The City that When You Travel it, You Will be Likely Live There

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