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Beach on Bali’s north side has a name that is far from the impression of Bali. That said, the name given by Anak Agung Lovina Trisna Panji, a famous writer. Lovina name taken by Panji Trisna of small hotels in india name is Lafeina ever visited while writing the book Widhi Ni Ketut.

Another version says that the name of Lovina is taken from two trees which then grow each other’s arms.

Lovina Beach is located in the village Kalibukbuk. About 9 kilometers west of Singaraja City. If you depart from Kuta to Lovina, you must be take a distance of 99 kilometers, or about 3.5 hours drive.

Lovina Beach is one of the charming attractions in North Bali. Natural atmosphere and fresh air make the travelers interested in visiting. As in Kuta, Lovina beach is also an interesting place to watch the sunset.

The beauty of the natural environment is now more complete with dolphins that live freely in these offshore. By renting a boat for Rp 50,000 per person. You can see from the close dolphins in the sea. You would feel to be in the wild with dozens of dolphins in a funny way. Typically, a collection of these dolphins appear only around 06.00 until 08:00 local time. If you’re a late start and did not find the dolphins in the sea, do not be disappointed.

In addition to dolphins, Lovina Beach is fun for bathing and sunbathing. The beach is fun for snorkeling, diving, and other water activities, because the lovely coral. Unfortunately, this beach has black sand color. So less attractive to travelers who are fond of white sand.

Facilities and accommodation in Lovina

As a tourist area, the facilities available in Lovina complete enough of lodging, shops and eating places you can find it easily, even open until late at night. Indeed, when compared to Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. This area is less crowded. Perhaps because of the little entertainment facilities. However, for many travelers, it is precisely the allure silence of Lovina. In Lovina area you can enjoy the holidays without having jostled or disturbed noise.

Hotels in Lovina rental rates ranging up to Rp 500,000 per night and the cheap one is about Rp75.000 per night. Even in some inn room rates negotiable. To achieve Lovina Beach, you can come up with a ride public transportation, taxi, or a private vehicle.

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