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new year FireworkNew Year party in Asia unfolded everywhere, from small scale to which invites a lot of people. Fireworks at the beach area seemed to have become a habit that must be implemented. Residents of the city are also residents in the suburbs, the region came to partying. Not a few who had long ago set a new time of year to come to a club for a festive party was held.

The makers of this party is required to bring innovation far more creative than the previous year. Public to come to the party is not just partying until the new year come. If they want more to enjoy a different atmosphere, must be recorded in their memory. Like a party at the end of this year titled Aquatic, which is the exclusive party held in Amsterdam Maritime Museum. A party that is really new is the new year, featuring rows of DJ, live music, acts and various other shows. Here is a special party glass roof that covers the museum field. Seconds later when the new year is entered, then the guests will be treated to a fireworks show. The glass roof is also equipped with LED lights that play a thousand glow throughout the night.

New Year party is almost just failed are in Surin beach, Phuket, Thailand. The local government then gave the green light this new year organizing the party. New year at Surin beach enlivened by The World Class Electronic Music Festival which is believed will attract 50 thousand people to come. There are other objections regarding the existence of the party. Imagine, in this Surin beach resorts there are usually other tourist family vacation area.

New Year’s Eve revelry is not exclusively monopolized by the general public only. In small environments such as families often also make a little party. As performed by tycoon Roman Abramovich made a party for his close friends. Chelsea club owner only features live music. In 2009, new year party, Abramovich made a party with live performances from Beyonce and Prince. Then in the following year, Abramovich presents The Black Eyed Peas to enliven the party. The party in the year 2010 was held at St. Barts is located on the Caribbean islands. All guests who attended were well-known names in the entertainment world. The legend says that the funds spent by Abramovich to the party of £ 5 million. What about the new year’s party at the end of 2011. Unmitigated, Abramovich brought the Red Hot Chili Peppers to enliven the party. In fact, he enliven the Caribbean sky with fireworks right in the middle of the night.

Turn of the year 2011 to 2012 was very special for cruise ship Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). This super luxury yacht for the first time in three years to dry dock and lowered the stairs. Dubai in the year it was honored to receive the QE2 docked at the pier. During the three years of QE2 celebrate the New Year at sea with passengers at that time. This time the guests who attended the turn of the year, other than passenger ships, also some invited guests is limited.

New Year’s Eve party was filled with live music performances, fireworks and a laser light show. This party is considered the most exclusive party in existence in that year. Talking New Year’s party is certainly worth waiting part is fireworks. Fireworks which have a variety of attractive colors with various configurations of excitement that accompanied invite admiration. As performed by Taipei that ignited fireworks from the 101 Building, the tallest skyscraper in the world at the turn of the year 2007-2008. While in Australia, Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks ignited as one of the first areas that celebrate the New Year.

Longest New Year party might be in Serbia. Party and the party continues until January 13th. Belgrade became the center of the hubbub of the New Year’s party, especially in the field of the Republic, Field Terazije and in front of the parliament building. In this place on New Year’s concerts often unfold, both local and international musicians. What amazes on January 1 in the afternoon, the citizens of Serbia will repeat the same thing as they did the night before, the party again. Then on January 13th, returning Serbs celebrate new year which refers to the Julian calendar.

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