Feel Experience Make Love With Sexy Nurse and Stewardess In Jakarta

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Hot_nurseI believe that every person must have a making love fantasy. Whose name is fantasy, usually tend to stray beyond the bounds of reasonableness and. In a broader understanding, love fantasy it is very tempting and many people who inadvertently created fantasy making love for the sake of satisfying their needs.

Fantasy room for example, has now become one of the menus offered making love fantasy by one of the hotel that has a spa and sauna facilities in Jakarta. No half-hearted, his fantasy room was made up of some sort theme, or usually called thematic rooms.

Hotel building “SK” is seen in front of the eyes. The green and beige dominate in every corner. Joy, the Manager Entertainment at the hotel “SK” was waiting for me in front of the lobby. Joy then took me up the elevator to the second floor. Once on the second floor, our first new hotel rooms across the hall for a moment and then we got in the pool area. Right beside the pool, there are stairs made of wood painted gray.

A green-uniformed young girl with long hair opened the door and invited us sitting on the couch lounge. Atmosphere in the lounge is not so crowded. Besides me, Joy and Handy – spa manager, there are only 4 other male guests who were sitting on the sofa which is located at the corner. Frankly, I can not imagine what shape and form the thematic rooms. At most, I’ve only ever seen a typical room type clinic in films produced from br***er, Realit***ings or Naug***merica. Saw firsthand with my own eyes and I still have not. After spending two red-wine glasses, Joy took me around to the thematic rooms. We moved from the lounge to the elevator and down to the first floor to the spa area. From there, I alternately brought to room “Clinic”, “boarding”, “the School”, “MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan type brain,” Suite Room “,” Aroma Theraphy “and the last room to the” carriage Railway “.

The concept of thematic rooms that make me shake my head because of admiration. The idea was creative and innovative. Some of my friends who’ve traveled around Japan, precisely in Tokyo, had expressed the same thing. “What might the idea of ​​thematic rooms that is adopted from the Japanese,” I thought to myself.

Railway carriage room door is in a closed state. For a moment I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Come in!” Voice of the girl in the room. As the door opened, I met a beautiful girl who dressed as a train attendant. With his friendly smile, he motioned for me to sit on the bench wagon dark green.

“Welcome to my train. Recommend, my name is Victoria! “Called the girl introduces her name. I was silent for a long moment. Curious to see the contents of the package already existing in the train carriage room. Apparently, another surprise was intended Joy is a beautiful girl who dress suit his thematic rooms. Not unexpectedly will meet with the Victoria train stewardess-style makeup. Ehm .. surprise!

“Can I see your locker number?” Said Victoria. I get locker key that was in his pants pocket and handed it to Victoria. Under the straight-haired girl smiled shoulder and picked up the phone on the wall room. Apparently, he was talking with the receptionist officer. “Train ready to go,” he cried.

Five seconds later, Victoria was standing right in front of me. “You need help what else? Perhaps Mr want to drink or eat? Or Mr wants a massage to release tense muscles? “Bargaining Victoria with almost sighing sound spoiled. “Or you hoping to see me undress danced well be it,” he continued.

I am confused what to answer. Victoria offer quite attractive and tempting. With body gestures and speech that sigh and a little wet, Victoria to be “complementary” is perfect as a room package at the train carriage.

As a result, after five minutes of being in the room Wagon Train, I decided to go back to the lounge. Stage continuation of the story in the train carriages certainly room easily predictable “ending” it. Yes, especially if the edges are not service “full-body-contact” aka making love “all-in” inside out. Interestingly, the service will be provided Victoria was not in bed but on the bench most of the train.

In the lounge I met Joy and Handy back. “How? Not exciting package? “Said Joy, smiling with suspicion. “really exciting! The idea is fresh and fabulous, “I replied, briefly. “If so, now you have to try to Clinic Doctor,” said Joy challenging. Of Handy chat with Joy and I finally get on the price is pegged to enjoy room service thematic. For example, for a package of “all-in” room Wagon Train, “MRI” and “Boss-Office”, each guest must be willing to spend money of Rp. 1.3 million or USD130. As for the package “all-in” in “Clinic” cost about Rp. 1.2 million or USD120.

I’ve imagined what kind of service would get if I went to the doctor’s clinic. “There were complaints at the hospital next door where, sir?.” That question crossed my mind immediately. While in front of me, a nun with a sweet sexy clothes sitting staring at me with a teasing smile. What a wonderful world!

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