Lithuania World Satan Museum

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Lithuanian_Art_MuseumSatan is the fearsome creature. although not in kaunas, lithuania that truly make the museum a demon to firmly be visited by tourists. you dare to firmly go there ?

This distinctive place known as museum zmuidzinavicius. visiting within the whole web site museum of lithuania, monday, this museum offers more often 3, 000 interpretations on your devil. the museum is creating your wildest dreams come to pass. originally museum satan solely atiny low collection of personal homes lithuanian artist, antanas zmuidzinavicius. later, it developed into your museum museum devil, ruler of hell.

Nowadays, there will be 3, 000 a lot of works depicting the devil during this museum. the vast majority of the works within the whole style of parts of sculpture, made out of a kind of media, as well as wood, glass, ceramics and paper.

Since 1982, in the event the museum was first expanded, devil to firmly lithuania artifacts from along the world as well as the masked demons, wizards and alternative mythological characters. curiously, in one a part of hitler and stalin statues displayed. before coming into the space wherein the statue of hitler and stalin, you may pass against a room full of human bones.

Initially the focus of the museum collects artifacts depicting the devil. later, museum zmuidzinavicius too selling themed souvenir devil. now several on your objects within the whole museums demons left behind by tourists being a gift. if youre curious, return to firmly the museum zmuidzinavicius. entry prices solely about United States $ 3.

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