Kyoto’s Latest Hack for Stress-Free Vacays: Travel Light, Travel Right!

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Guess what? Kyoto’s got a slick solution to tackle overtourism blues, and it’s the cool concept of “Hands-Free Tourism.” Sayonara, hefty bags – this is travel made easy and breezy!

As per the latest buzz from Japan Today on a laid-back Saturday (January 13, 2024), Kyoto’s been riding the post-pandemic tourism wave, and it’s turned into quite the party. Too many tourists in the mix, locals giving side-eye, and don’t get us started on the traffic chaos and bus scarcity – it’s a bit much.

Cue Kyoto’s answer to this tourist frenzy – the Hands-Free Tourism campaign.

Launched through their official tourism site in 2023, this campaign is stealing the show, Kyoto-style.

So, what’s the scoop?

Hands-Free Tourism is all about ditching those clunky bags and bulky suitcases. Keep it breezy, keep it light, and let’s un-complicate those busy streets.

The campaign is Kyoto’s way of shouting “No!” to overtourism and a big “Yes!” according to the official website.

And because it’s Japan, they’ve got a game plan. The number of temporary luggage storage spots has shot up from 4 to a whopping 63.

These storage spots are mapped out on Google Maps, making it a breeze for savvy tourists to find the closest one.

Rumor has it that bus drivers are noticing a drop in passengers lugging around oversized bags. Kyoto’s city government is cranking up the volume to spread the word about hands-free tourism.

“We’ve gotta keep shouting it from the rooftops, again and again,” says the city official.

So, if Kyoto’s on your travel wish list, here’s the new mantra: Keep it light, travel right!

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