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Roa_stasjonWhile in Oslo, you can use the Oslo Pass which allows you to go to all the museums and use public transport for free. Oslo Pass is a cheap and inexpensive way to explore Oslo and available in a wide selection. That is 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, or 72 hours. Cost to get these cards ranging from 230 NOK to 430 NOK, depending on how long the choice for this card active. Oslo has 30 museums and attractions to be explored with this card.

Form of Oslo Pass is only small and there is a ticket according to the date stamp on the first use. When riding the bus, you simply show the card to the bus driver and the driver only glimpsed without check the date stamp is printed. As I entered the museum, show your Oslo Pass to museum officials, museum guards will check your ticket and allow entry into the museum.

If you are naughty Oslo Pass card that has expired, be prepared to pay a huge fine to spend all of your travel budget. Not all bus drivers or guards museum Oslo Pass user pass just like that, there are some bus drivers who need to be convinced if the Oslo Pass can be used for the bus to zone 4 or specifically for 72 hour Oslo Pass alone, and there is also a museum guard who still check the Oslo Pass Here you are. in fact, there is a check card at the top of the tram that carried some of the police. So always be careful in using the Oslo Pass.

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