History Vacation in Bacolod, The Philippine Ruins

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The_Ruins_of_BacolodFor philippines, which is certainly known direct from province of negros occidental is that the food delicious, the value is additionally cheap. other then alternative than that, negros occidental is additionally rich in history and culture. an example is that the town of talisay, bacolod bordering ( the town which was a founded within the whole mid-1700s ) and silay ( colonial spanish entry since the 16th century ).

Approximately 10 miles from bacolod-silay international airport, possibly the most famous tourist destinations in talisay, the ruins, has got a story direct from days before world war ii don mariano burn down his house as a result of he experienced a mental disorder.

The ruins will be the ruins associated with an recent house. within the whole early 1900s, a sugar businessman named don mariano ledesma lacson ( the bloody spanish-filipino ) building was the residence as to the portuguese blood out to his wife, maria braga.

These fill the house with furniture from asia and europe, therefore the house was referred to as largest and the majority of luxurious homes within the whole province at this point. other then this point, don mariano japan who are wanting you get a plan to take her home as headquarters. therefore he asked filipino guerrilla fighters in negros out to burn his house. there additionally believe, don mariano burned down her house as a result of she was owning a nervous breakdown after the death of maria braga.

Mariano therefore have big house, the fire burning for days before finally extinguished. what remained was a pillar, stairs, and a few chunky wood floors. architectural heritage history proves talisay town.

Restored Ruins

The ruins are now therefore favorite spot of tourists. with entry prices 25 pesos, tourists will visit the remains of pre-war homes. by the left you can find a massive staircase. will still be driven, other then positive you be certain you are definitely not afraid of heights. you might want to see the read as to the front garden, utilizing a fountain lit at night.

Below, you can find a bedroom that has actually been restored as initial conditions. you can find a wood bed but a table, additionally the width as to the window. this is definitely as to the kids bedrooms don mariano. within the whole hallway next in the room, looking on the family photo.

The ruins still standing surrounded by sugarcane plantations if you’re hungry, you can find a cafeteria that offers mediterranean food, and souvenir outlets (from refrigerator magnets out to t-shirts). there is additionally a mini golf course for the experience rather than just a history lesson.

Though now while not walls and roof, the ruins still standing surrounded by sugarcane plantations. very similar to don mariano continues to be standing whenever the house was burned.

How to Get There

Taxi from bacolod are going to take approximately 30-45 minutes. if you really drive a car, head to bata ( pepsi bottling plant ) and heading east. from there, there’ll be a guide that guides you in the ruins. you might want to additionally raise the locals.

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