Extreme Vacation to The Largest Man-Made Crater in Papua

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Mountains in tembagapura, papua has awesome scenery. with the grasberg mine, we might see the large crater 4 km wide and 1 km deep. this crater, the original man-made !

Our team venturing into tembagapura on friday then. we went up out to the grasberg mine owned by pt freeport indonesia, up to the peak at an altitude of 4285 masl. at grasberg, freeport mine gold, silver, copper and different metals.

Previously, the cable car took us to the height 3574 meters on top of ocean level. thick fog, so we went connected to trip with bus-truck iveco trakker. passenger vehicle designed specifically for your own region is split mine in grasberg gravel road.

First, we passed erstberg. this freeport mine first opened within the whole late 1960s. erstberg currently been dredged to the giant crater with greenish water. currently, it’s don’t with the grasberg mining activity.

However we were curious in regards to the man-made craters larger grasberg. iveco trakker took us to the giant field with the highest peak. there could be a building that houses a post along with the words welcome out to the grasberg copper-gold mine in papua, indonesia, 4284 masl, environmental mine.

Yippee ! reached our peak. during this field there could be a super giant mining trucks-caterpillar 797 haul truck 601. this truck could be a more than a little monument as a result of it’s not used anymore, alias already retired.

Size is jumbo. length of 14. 53 meters, 9. 76 meters wide and 7. 58 meters high. imagine a house 2 high-level out to describe this truck. her truck capability solely reached 360 tons. the price of 1 unit reached rp 32 billion. wow !

Fog and biting cold here. grasberg climate was peak within the whole choice of tens of degrees celsius solely. brrr ! i had out to wear gloves that having been carrying.

The very little birds flying when i stepped foot inside distinct direction signage. these boards show the direction of jakarta 3388 km, singapore 3786 miles, cairns, australia 1775 km and numerous different cities.

However one of the awesome scenery is grasberg crater itself. from the highest, i might see the large crater so much as as a lot of as the eye might see.

Grasberg 4 km in diameter, depth of 1 m. the place is at an altitude of 4285 meters on top of ocean level, aforesaid tariq azizi, general superintendent mine planning pt freeport, who accompanied me around.

My camera telephoto lens captures the large trucks carrying rock quarry forth. from this viewpoint, the large trucks look even smaller. during this post, we could see the display picture that shows the phases of excavation decades till it became this type large crater.

Whereas spending a glass of hot chocolate within my hand, having been only thinking. glorious nice to view just what the man are capable of doing.

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