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Asylet_(Grønland)Oslos not seem friendly to backpackers with a limited budget. You will find it hard to find roadside stalls selling kebabs, burgers, or hotdogs. In the area around Karl Johans Gate which is the main road looks pretty clean from selling food stalls. All neatly arranged stalls and restaurants are all contained within the building.

Prices are posted in front of the food stalls ranging from 50 NOK. The price is usually for snacks such as burgers, kebabs, or pizza. But you do not need to worry, because every eating place put a different price. So if you have spare time, do not get bored to see the prices offered by the particular eating places and compare prices with other eating places. This method is powerful enough to save budget dining.

Usually the price of food here is directly proportional to the taste, so the price is not necessarily cheap food is good food. Pretty hard to find a cheap place to eat and stay comfortable in Oslo. However, for the backpacker, when finding a cheap place to eat, then all the food taste good.

In the area there are Karl Johans Gate Carmel Kebab shop that sells a variety of kebabs were so delicious, but the prices are quite cheap. This kebab shop is located close to the Central Station which is just down the street from Karl Johans Gate. This shop is always crowded by visitors. Owner of Carmel Kebab is a Pakistani, you should not be surprised if at this restaurant many people from the middle east.

This kebab restaurant owner guarantees all meat is halal and kebab didn’t contains svinekjott or pork. Price kebab at the restaurant from 45 NOK, depending on the content of meat in the kebab. You can try the kebabs with the cheapest price of 45 NOK, with the contents of the five balls kebab meat, spices, fresh vegetables, and everything is wrapped with thick bread.

Other areas that used to be the place to eat cheap for tourists is around Gronland which is located right next to Terminal Oslo Gallerian. Gronland largely dominated by immigrants, the kind of food here more variations and obviously cheaper. Some restaurants in Gronland usually sells Thai, Pakistani, Indian, Malay, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and others. You can also eat pizza and kebab with affordable price in Gronland.

One of the well-known Indian restaurant here is Punjab Tandoori. Price for one serving food ranging from 60 NOK. You can eat Tandoori Roti Pattaca Kyling and also yogur Mango from India by just paying 100 NOK alone. In addition to a restaurant, a roadside food stalls can be found easily in Gronland. You can walk around while eating samosas Gronland for 10 NOK. Quite warm, full, tasty, and fun while enjoying the scenery.

Another way to get cheap food at the restaurant around Oslo is by taking today’s menu offers, or commonly referred to Dagens Meny or Tilbut. Today’s menu or Dagens Meny is a way of promotion done for the restaurant offers dishes or menu mainstay new in their place and the food prices guaranteed cheaper than the actual price. The way it was passable enough to save the budget and be practiced today can not find other cheap places to eat in Oslo. Dagens Meny promotion or Tilbut usually lasts for the lunch hour at 12.00 until 15.00. even some that lasted a full day, depending on the policy of the restaurant owner.

Dining area suitable for promotion utilizing Dagens Meny or Tilbut is in Grunerlokka and Karl Johans Gate. If you are a young boy who likes to party, just try to Grunerlokka. Grunerlokka is area where young people gather and feast because in here many restaurants, pubs, and cafes.

In the park which is right in the center of Grunerlokka some food vendors open shop simple. You can buy the noodles are sold for 50 NOK, can be eaten on the chairs that lined the front of the shop or eat in the park. You can choose to eat in the park while enjoying the sun Oslo rarely seen paintings and see the ongoing auction. It seems like only in Oslo you can have lunch while looking at paintings auction.

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