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tourist attraction half day cost afternoon times ak47 reviewThe price of admission for the Cu Chi Tunnels is about 80000 Dong. Cu Chi Tunnels is a favorite tourist attraction around Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi is actually the name of the village and is located approximately 40 miles from Saigon in the northwest. Cu Chi Tunnels are systems of underground tunnels with a total length about 250 km. To be able better enjoy this one tourist location, you do not have to understand its history. This tunnel was dug with simple tools, even their bare hands in 1940. At that time, the people of Vietnam use this tunnel as a hideout when the fight for independence from France. Around 1960, the tunnel system is expanded in an effort to defend themselves against the United States during the Vietnam War. Although blown up by a bomb, Cu Chi population survived because they hid in the tunnel. do not think if there’s only underground tunnel alone. Cu Chi tunnels Population that branched made into such an underground village. There they cook, sleep, teaching children, care for the wounded, and to plan attacks. Many are married and gave birth inside the tunnel. at that time about 10,000 people died in Cu Chi.

Cu Chi Tunnels Facts & Vietnam Map

So what makes this so special tunnel that can not be attacked by the army of the United States? In addition to its system of tunnels that branched and very spacious, the entrance to the tunnel is very small. Just enough for the asian slender. So if there are American soldiers who find driveway, they will not be able to enter it. How they can do is put a smoke bomb or a grenade into the hole. When visiting the Cu Chi, many Asian travelers attempting to enter the hole and succeed because their bodies do not vary much with the people of Vietnam. But when some people like western travelers try go inside, they can only go in up to the waist. In addition, the entrance tunnel is always covered with dry leaves, plants, and soil, so that the enemy is very difficult to find. The tour guide told me that the people of Cu Chi cooking only once a day. They cook at 4 o’clock in the morning so that the smoke that comes out will be mistaken for fog. Not only that, a sophisticated system of tunnels hundreds of meters to make smoke come out from the kitchen in the ground. In addition, the smoke will not soar, but only slightly above the ground so hard to see and distinguish the fog.

Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day Tour Cost Price

There are two locations frequented by tourists when in the Cu Chi Tunnels, which Ben Duoc a little further away from Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese people usually go to this place. if you want to here, you can ask the tour operators because they usually just do a tour of the Ben Dinh. Another option is to rent a motorcycle. Entrance to Ben Duoc for foreign tourists is around 80000 Dong. You can surround the complex which is take approximately 2 hours. Ben Dinh is part of the Cu Chi is usually visited by tourists. Most of the tunnels here are widened so that travelers can be entered. The price of admission also 80000 Dong. Tour at Ben Dinh is very enjoyable. With English-speaking guides. You will be invited to tour. Do not be surprised if you hear a fairly loud firecrackers. The management was deliberately set off firecrackers as a substitute for the sound of gunfire, so the atmosphere is more like a tour of the first days of the war.

You will be invited to look at the hole entrance, entrance to the tunnel, watch a variety of weapons and vehicles that were used to fight the United States. In addition there are the spoils of war. There is one location that is used as an artificial village with statues depicting the life of the village of Cu Chi at that time. Visitors will also be invited to enjoy the foods commonly eaten former Vietcong army and the people are very poor at that time. According to the guide, the food is Vietnam boiled potatoes. They provide a condiment to be eaten with the potatoes. Before the tour ends, you can watch a documentary film that tells the story of the Vietnam War. At this location there is also a firing range. Travelers can try firing the M16, AK47, SKS Russian-made 30-caliber submachine, and so on. The price of a AK47 bullet that is a favorite about 30000 Dong.

Cu Chi Tunnels Afternoon Private Trip

Way to the Cu Chi tunnels used is to use a day or half-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Cu Chi. Many travel agencies that offer this type of tour. you just pay around USD9 for a half-day tour with a tour guide. The cost of this tour includes transportation and tour guide only. You still have to pay admission to the Cu Chi complex. Another option is to rent a car. Rent a car for commuting around USD50. Travel to Cu Chi to within about 1.5 hours through the countryside. If you want more challenging, tourists can go without following the tour. Go to the Ben Thanh Bus Terminal, take a bus #13 to the Cu Chi. bus fare for 7000 Dong. From the terminal Cu Chi you still have to ride about 20 minutes Xe Om. The total cost of around 10000 Dong to go home. You can also take a bus 79 at a cost of 5,000 Dong. The bus will arrive at the intersection direction towards Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh. You can stop here and walk to Ben Dinh. Another option is to stay on the bus until arriving at Ben Duoc.

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