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Photo by Taman Renyah
Photo by Taman Renyah

Weekends are more suitable when used for relaxing and traveled to places of interest around the city. Holidays are just two days should certainly put to good use in order to get a different atmosphere and refreshing the body. There is no harm in addition to traveled as well as learn and gain more experience. The following are some places cheaper alternative educational tours and is not far from Jakarta.


This place is called the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory. Located in Taman Ismail Marzuki complex, Cikini. Building with white dome characteristic is located to the right of the main gate of the TIM. We recommend that you arrive before the show starts in order to get around the exhibition hall. Inside the museum, visitors can learn about outer space and the Earth through photographs, miniature, and existing mockups. Even you can also find a replica astronaut and the Apollo landing on the moon story. Jakarta Planetarium was built around 1969.

Among all the attractions displayed, watch a show about space is the most awaited tourists. In the Star Theater you will be taken notice of outer space at night. Do this feels so real because these simulations that lasted one hour’s fired into the roof of the dome.

Preview this space has played eight different themes each month alternately, just as there is the Solar System, Solar System Formation, Small Explorers in the Solar System, from the Equator to the Pole, Blue Planet Earth, the Moon and the Sun eclipse, Stars and the Milky Way. Examples of performances from the equator to the poles it will take you around the earth, seeing visions and the daily motion of celestial bodies are different in every latitude, and to know the time difference.

Still not satisfied with the show? You also can go to the observation room located at the top of this building. tourists will find Star telescope commonly used to view celestial objects directly. Usually this place is only open to the public when there are important events like eclipses and stars falling. Monitoring was conducted at 18:30 until 20:30. Binoculars used a type of Takahashi binoculars made in 1970. Although old, these binoculars can still function well.

The advantages of this places is that there is access for wheelchair users. Access provided also includes elevator. Also, once you exit the planetarium can taste specialties of Jakarta located on the side of the building. Start of restaurants and hawker food available in the TIM complex. Taste the cuisine here is guaranteed to make you addicted.

Jakarta Planetarium is located at Jl. Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta. You only need to pay the entrance fee of Rp.7000 to be able to see the attractions offered in this building. schedule of theatrical performances are usually held on weekdays at 16:30 or at 10:00, 11:30, 14:30, and 13:00 on weekends and public holidays.

Bank Mandiri Museum

Indonesian arguably the country’s rich resources and advanced in antiquity. Bank Mandiri Museum is the first museum in the Indonesian banking is one such example. The museum is located right in front of the tunnel leading to the terminal and the city busway station right across the city will explain the history of economic activity and banking from ancient times to the present.

Old building with beautiful architecture will bring you into the atmosphere of the old bank. Although the building is old because it was built in 1930, still retained the original shape of the building and almost nothing has changed except the walls are always painted. Stained glass adorning the walls near the main staircase and the original still looks very classic. Cornelius De Hottman paintings, wall hangings depicting the four seasons in Europe, and the picture of trade in ancient times more and make you want to return to the atmosphere of ancient times.

Bank Mandiri Museum has a lot of room and you might get lost. Most of the room is equipped with air conditioning so it was not dusty. At the front there is space Chinese cash. In ancient times, people of ethnic Chinese were treated very special, including the ministry of commerce and banking services. In this place there is also a collection of typewriters, dioramas banking transactions, even to the abacus. The most important part and is a masterpiece in this room is a great book that is used to record financial transactions. Dutch colonial relic book is indeed a great size book as the name suggests.

Auditorium space into the next room that presents a documentary film that tells the story from the time of Dutch Batavia life in the ancient world, including banking, company profile as well as the museum you can watch here. There are also a large meeting room, even in this room there are original furniture used for a board meeting.

The next room is a room that contains a collection numastic finance-related goods such as collection of currency to another payment instrument which is used for commercial transactions. Continued into the next room, the basement. You are very lucky when visiting the museum if you have not seen the room where bank saving money directly. You can use the lift to get to the colonial era heritage of this place. Room located in the basement of this store bicycle collection that are still well-preserved here. And the room that you should not miss is the space that is Kluis securities depository and safe deposit box for storing cash or often called brandkast in the Dutch language.

The museum is like carrying two very different things, modern, and antique. Side is represented by the museum of modern playground located in the middle of the park building. Spot that you must visit is to see the city sights from the top floor of this building. To be able to go up to the top floor, you need to ask permission to the security guard first.

Bank Mandiri Museum is located at 1 Station Square, Jakarta. By simply paying a ticket for Rp.2000 per person (groups with a minimum of 20 people), you can see the atmosphere of trade and banking activities of a bygone era. This museum is open schedule at 09:00 to 16:00 every Tuesday through Sunday. Mondays and national holidays are close.

Rumah Tanah Baru F Widayanto

Want to learn how to make a flower vase, plate, or mug of ceramic? You can visit the Rumah Tanah Baru F Widayanto in Depok, not far from Jakarta. The atmosphere in this place is very beautiful as it is in the countryside. Moreover, coupled with traditional building design that adds to the impression thick. The place is also provided accommodation made from old wood that supposedly was used as a cowshed in the ancient times.

There is three ceramic home tourism programs that provide Ceramic Travel, Fun with Clay, and Ceramic Classes. For those of you who have limited time, try to participate in the program Fun with Clay. Through this program, you will be taught about how to work with engineering ceramic molds in the ceramics studio. Exercise will guided by experienced instructors. The work of ceramic you can take about three weeks later.

If you have more time, it never hurts to participate Ceramic Travel program, the program offers a complete package to make ceramics including Ceramic tour around the house. You can see the work of F. Widiyanto which is a renowned ceramic artists. One of the most famous works of F. Widayanto is the statue of Narcissus, the god who admired himself. If you’re still curious about how to manufacture ceramic and still want to explore it, you can follow the course program ceramics. With four meetings each month, the science of making ceramics will be obtained.

In this place there is also a traditional restaurant serving unique foods, such as halibut banana. One thing that should not miss from this place is a souvenir shop that sells a variety of handmade ceramic and printed ceramic are sold at prices ranging from Rp.7500. F. Ceramic Houses Widayanto located on Jl. Curug Agung, Beji Depok. You only pay Rp.10000 for admission to a place that’s open every day.

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