Best Ho Chi Minh City Shopping Mall for Souvenirs

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ho chi minh city shopping mall blog market kain tripadvisor shoes guide 2014 centres near airportBen Thanh Market

From a distance the market has been seen with a large clock tower. Hundreds lined ios meet at Saigon’s largest market. goods sold are also various kinds. In general, the market is divided into two, namely the public and the tourist section. This division is done because the location of Ben Thanh Market is very close to the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker tourist area in the city. part of the touristy selling various souvenirs, ranging from wall hangings, t-shirts, wood crafts, key chains, silk fabric, pens, refrigerator magnets, dolls and so on. Meanwhile in the general sell saur, fruit, kitchen equipment, fast food, flowers, and so on. This market also sells a variety of well-known brands of counterfeit goods, such as suitcases and bags. One of the problems when shopping at this market is in terms of bargaining. They often offer prices of goods more than double the actual price. Travelers also must be persistent in the bargain. Another problem is that many thieves in this asr. mreka often targeting tourists because usually carry valuables such as cameras and mobile phones. If you are lazy to bargain, in the northern part of the market there are stalls selling goods at a fixed price, which is even cheaper than in the market. At night you can also shop at Ben Thanh night market which is open from 18:00.

War Surplus Market

Called also the American market in Vietnamese or some people usually called Khu Dan Sinh or Cho Cu. This market is located in the corner of Nguyen Cong Tru and Yersin in District 1. At the front there are stalls that sell a variety of heavy equipment and electronic equipment. At the back there are stalls selling American weapons of war relics. One thing to note, not all of the items original sale. For example, zippo pemanti very difficult to ascertain its authenticity. In the market also sells other military equipment and cheap jerseys.

Cho Binh Tay

This market is located in Chinatown that sell spice, Chinese herbal medicine, dried fish, silk, and so on. At Ben Thanh and Pham Ngu Lao there are many stalls selling silk. However, if you want a cheaper price, Cho Binh Tay is just right. This market is also the wholesale center, so many markets in Ho Chi Minh City including Ben Thanh actually get merchandise from Cho Bin Tay. Atm is available on the main street in Pham Ngu Lao and Dong Khoi. Money changers are easy to find. Although able to pay with American dollars, you better pay in Dong.

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