Beautiful Caribbean Pirates Island, Nassau

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Hilton_Nassau_beachBask in the sun, beaches with white sand and crystal blue sea water is mandatory for the three aspects of a place that became a bustling tourist destination in the summer. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, has always been a summer tourist destination when applicable. Three requirements, it was owned by Nassau.

Nassau was formerly known as Charles Town. But this place changed since the Spanish burned the Charles Town in 1684. In 1695, it was rebuilt and named after the then ruler King William III of the Dutch House of Orange – Nassau.

In 1713 this region had become the Pirate Republic under the leadership of Thomas Barrow and Benjamin Hornigold. Since then, the leadership of this area is always changing until finally an American named Andrew Deveaux took office on 17 April 1783. And now the Bahamas was listed as one of the British Commonwealth countries.

Currently, Nassau has grown rapidly with the tourism sector is a mainstay. The proof is a lot of resorts to five star hotels spread across the region, located in the eleventh largest island in the Bahamas region. Around Cable Beach for example, you can see that many luxury resorts lined up to follow the shoreline.

In addition, this region also has a historic building enough to be interesting. Old Town area is an ideal spot for lovers of photography to capture the views of the mixture between the abandoned buildings and bright Caribbean structures.

Additionally pirate museum also will certainly tempting to visit, not least given the pirate ship along with some original artifacts. As for the beach and the sea, you do not need to doubt it. Various interesting experience offered here. All sorts of water activities with complete facilities you can get.

The scenic beauty of the sea is often immortalized in countless films such as Casino Royale, Into The Blue by Flipper. When the sun sets, Nassau became more interesting. Señor Frogs, Club Waterloo and coctails And Dreams is the place to be full of nightlife seekers. As for the club, you will get a lot of advice to come to Club Fluid. Thus, when you are planning a vacation to a place filled with beautiful scenery and lively nightlife. Maybe you need to consider your goals of Nassau in the list.

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