Welcome to Siem Reap, Gateway to The Grandeur of Angkor Wat

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Visiting cambodia, after all, obliged visited hindu temple advanced in the globe, angkor wat. well, to actually reach angkor wat, the earlier you wish to actually understand first city siem reap. siem reap happens to be the capital province of siem reap in cambodia. it’s located within the northwestern a part of cambodia further as a very important cultural and tourist center in cambodia owing to the entrance to actually the traditional town of angkor is famous.

Siem reap may be a small locality along with the feel of recent colonial buildings joined by a typical chinese design. owing to its proximity to actually angkor wat, siem reap, a town full of tourists. hustle as to the town within the afternoon centered within the recent market, a market selling numerous souvenirs cambodia and native culinary. within the evening, the crowd moved to actually pub street and night market, by stretching its lively nightlife.

Siem reap conjointly has many museums and temples, an example would be angkor national museum that showcases the history of angkor wat and of course the temple of wat bo, one of the many oldest temples. to actually get around siem reap, you’ll make use of the services of the tuk-tuk, a vehicle an example would be a stroller that’s pulled by motorcycle. to actually get around city, tuk-tuk typically set the worth up to actually $ 5 ( approximately 50 thousand ). to actually travel coming from the hostel to actually the market, you basically have to actually pay $ 2 ( approximately rp20 thousand ).

In siem reap ( and cambodia in general ), the currency is US bucks and cambodian riel. we recommend that you may amendment your cash in bucks, as a result of the real will not be exchanged outside of cambodia. from siem reap towards angkor wat, you could have to actually cover a distance of approximately 5. 5 kilometers or approximately 15-20 minutes by tuk-tuk. angkor wat entrance fee is $ 20 ( approximately 200 thousand ) for every day ticket and $ 40 ( approximately four hundred thousand ) for your own three-day tickets canal. owing to intensive, you ought to use a tuk-tuk to actually explore this temple advanced. cost tuk-tuk to actually get around angkor wat is barely usd15 ( approximately 150 thousand ).

To actually reach siem reap is quite simple, you’ll make use of the land, river, and air. siem reap international airport serves each domestic and international flights to actually kuala lumpur, bangkok, seoul, ho chi minh town, manila, singapore, luang prabang, and the like. you’ll conjointly make use of the bus from phnom penh for 6 hours, or from vietnam for 12 hours. towards thailand conjointly provided a bus with nearly a similar travel time.

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