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Renowned joined of one’s shooting locations famous korean drama winter sonata, nami island is currently one of one’s favorite tourist destination for tourists who visit south korea. located approximately 63 km coming from the town of seoul, we are able to reach the island in many ways. when using a private vehicle or rental car, barely purpose the car towards gapyeong wharf. this place is that the entrance out to naminara republic. nami out to the island by public transport ? please grab the shuttle bus or by train itx, categorical train that had barely been in operation since february 2012.

Arriving in gapyeong wharf, we had out to purchase a ticket that they will known as visa fee. fun, differ from most everywhere else, nami island is set costs visa is cheaper for foreigners. price visa for foreigners is 8, 000 won, whereas the price of visa that cater out to native residents is 10, 000 won. need even cheaper ? barely arrive for the island nami over six hours a night, the price of visa was just 4000 won. however, don’t forget out to bring a flashlight as a result of the lighting is extremely rare.

Deliberately as if a state that stands alone, nami island named their territory that constitute just 480, 000 square meters or approximately 5 miles per terms it as naminara republic since 2006. they usually have an official stamp, the official uniform of one’s device state ( to a small degree as a cowboy, complete with hat ), the price of visa and passport. passport could be a designation for your own canal ticket ( pass ) free valid for one year. naminara republic passport holders are entitled out to and from the island obtain a full year coming from the time of purchase. price passport is priced at 25, 000 won pretty cheap for a whole tourist space like nami island.

When securing the visa, we had out to queue up ferry out to nami island, as a result of the island is truly located in the dead center of lake cheongpyeong. visa previously purchased includes the value of round-trip out to ride this ferry. ferries depart each 10-30 minutes or therefore, the afternoon departure for your own longer intervals. the past ferry runs till 21 :45 at night. lazy ferry ? there’s a manner to find the island nami coolest one in the dead center lake. the trick ? zip wire ride ! government naminara republic provides a flying fox out to cross lake cheongpyeong. merely pay 38, 000 won, in which case you will glide across lake ria cheongpyeong towards nami island. after all, zip wire is intended just for your own brave. that will be, possibly, dare not paying too high out to cross the lake !

Once getting into the space nami island, we are greeted by a row of tall timber that line straight. glacial atmosphere was brilliant to see nature because it remains awake. nami island is indeed uphold the concept of the fusion between humans, animals and plants out to living in harmony so much far from crowd and civilization. therefore this island is as a vacation spot out to relax and rest for your own voters of seoul and surrounding cities. they will still relish the clean air, lush plants, squirrels jumping from tree out to tree, lovely. in general, visitors are young couples dating fun. not infrequently, I see complete families with youngsters who pay their time with the use of a picnic upon the island. in one corner of one’s island, in reality there’s house provided for storing books will be that could be scan by visitors freely. I saw a mother who was diligently reading stories coming from the book as a result of his daughters, therefore sweet.

Spherical the island than on foot, will conjointly utilize train provided by your government naminara republic. bicycle and car nami conjointly there. it won’t be tired, deh, around this little island. possibly the most common nami island is none alternative than winter sonata lane. this romantic place out to be a prime location shooting of one’s famous korean drama of his day was. the particular name metaseqouia lane. metaseqouia lane is truly a line of timber planted by a team of seoul national university in 1977. within the surrounding space there will be several places that smelled of winter sonata. there’s a statue of one’s main forged of boys and ladies within the korean drama, bike rental, winter sonata cafĂ© and gift look. fans of one’s drama winter sonata can surely be crazy here. winter sonata lane besides this, several alternative spots the drama shooting locations an example would be 1st kiss bridge, the location in which the 2 main characters did 1st kiss. ah.

Such as the famous tourist spot, no want out to worry concerning accommodation and cuisine. in nami island, there absolutely really undoubtedly are a kind of restaurants, from ancient korean, japanese, chinese, out to italian cuisine. need longer roam nami island ? staying message at naminara hotel jeonggwanru simply for overnight. you may not realize the web and tv during this, as a result of the concept is deliberately closer out to nature. the fee is quite reasonable and there will be conjointly discounts if keep on sunday till thursday. large, right ?

Other then of all that, that makes me salute the tiny island this is often how they will do branding. how are they will attempting to firmly attract foreign tourists with all facilities. not faraway from the past row of tall timber, youll notice rows of boards with many state flag. this board contains pictures and a few necessary data in regards to the country. unfortunately the many data written in hanggeul. on behalf of me, this is absolutely an attention-grabbing promoting strategy. predictably, the tourists can surely love to firmly see their countrys name and flag mounted on any tiny island a very large number miles far from their home country. not to firmly mention how they will make use of the name of winter sonata fame collectively as to the media promotion tour. well, it appears additional crowded this tiny island. in 2012, the estimated nami island is visited by regarding 500, 000 tourists. that would be an ideal variety of tourists visiting nami through travel agents and such. not together with the individual and backpacker like me and my friends.

Yet one more issue that makes me salute the nami island. they will offer facilities prayer area ( mosque ) for visitors who will be muslims. it’s within the whole building at the side of a restaurant and art exhibition house. i’d been terribly surprised to firmly notice mosque facilities here. honestly, nami island mosque facility is extremely reasonable and includes one in every of the most beneficial inside my opinion. with almost all these facilities, I don’t if in some unspecified time in the future, nami island will just be south koreas tourism icons. daebak, nami !

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