Unique of Papua, The Anti Bullets Bus

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TimikaPapuaIn timika, papua, there might be completely different buses with buses in general in indonesia. there’s hardly any bulletproof bus ! like what its are willing to ride the bus ? bus iveco trakker could be a special bus owned by pt freeport indonesia ( ptfi ). this isn’t a public bus, however a bus to actually transport the guests internal workers and freeport. the bus drove them coming from the airport in timika kilangin moses is within the lowlands in the highlands tembagapura.

According in the public relations of pt freeport ledy simarmata in conversation with asiafreetravel, iveco bus is designed to actually carry passengers to actually tembagapura, if they will will not ride because we are part of a helicopter. in timika, the helicopter will simply be used morning simply to find to actually tembagapura. throughout the day the weather was cloudy and helicopters couldn’t be accustomed. Why are bullet proof, its for safety. how will folks ride transports to actually ensure everyones safety, aforesaid ledy, wednesday.

Timika-tembagapura trips taken among 2. 5-3 hours. in spite of this ledy insists this isn’t a bulletproof bus public transportation and could be a facility regarding the companys internal activities. mining corporations that utilize a severe natural conditions. thus safety is vital, he explained.

Well, asiafreetravel and papua destination dream team somewhat ever iveco bus ride that’s bullet proof. when it asiafreetravel and papua destination dream team somewhat was a guest inside the secret to freeport tembagapura. keken hamzah, papua destination dream team somewhat share her story. first ride this bus extremely curious, as a result of bulletproof. had paranoid anyway, that which was there shooting, aforesaid hamzah keken.

Iveco bus bulletproof according keken quite comfortable, though the condition was a rocky road to actually tembagapura. iveco bus was with the window lined with the use of a metal plate bulletproof. just half spared eighth inside the side of one’s window to actually lightweight. the window is closed all, thus we don’t understand is to actually what somewhat. we couldn’t even see the driver, aforesaid keken.

According keken, passengers fell more than once whereas passing through security checkpoints. please wait and see if you need to actually pee. new toilet encountered as soon as the bus arrived at tembagapura, precisely at helipad 66 that isn’t used for helicopters. after that switch passenger vehicle with alternative iveco bus for wara-wiri in tembagapura.

Need to ride the bus once more. finally it was an expertise to not be forgotten, added keken.

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