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Stari_Grad,_Hvar_Island,_CroatiaCroatia has enough attention through his achievements in the world of football. In their 1998 World Cup was also awarded the third place, in the most prestigious football event on earth. However, apart from that Croatia has a very interesting place visited. Is Hvar, the area with charming old buildings along the beach with the blue ocean water. Hvar is located in the middle of the Adriatic cruise lines with an area of ​​297.37 km2. With a population density of 10 648 (2011) make this area become the fourth most populous island owned by Croatia.

The ancient Greeks discovered this area in 384 BC in a place called Stari Grad. The place finally included in one of the oldest cities in Europe. In addition the city is also included in the UNESCO heritage area as one of the world heritage that needs to be maintained.

However, the growth of the tourism industry will be started in 1868. Since it was built hotels, apartments, museums to café. Since then, the island has become one of the attractions that are always filled with tourists. In fact, consistently Hvar island is always in the list of must-visit made by one of Europe’s Travel magazine.

Some interesting places you can visit in Hvar is Fortica Fortress, Hvar Theatre Building, Cathedral of Hvar to The Franciscan Monastery. These buildings have incredible architectural beauty. For photography lovers will surely love these places. While the landscape is not to be doubted. Sea water is crystal clear and blue and the white sand beach in Hvar make any pampering you will be able stunning scenery. In addition to the clean air and green hills that stood proudly truly a beautiful sight.

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As for nightlife, Hvar is often compared with Ibiza. Many night clubs scattered with a party menu that will not be forgotten. One is Carpe Diem, a club that is famous for her party. Some DJs as well as Hollywood celebrities ever seen at the venue. Eva Longoria and DJ Ian Pooley to DJ Carlos Mendes always spend time in this place.

In addition, there is also a Hula-Hula, Kiva and Veneranda is always crowded by visitors. Party held by the nightlife scene here has always lasted all night long. But most people come here to enjoy the feel of romance is generated when the night before. So, do not be surprised if you see more and more couples are walking down the path. As well as tourists who sat on the sidewalk while drinking beer and joking. Yes, this place is a tourist area with different types of appeal, so that you can enjoy all the pleasures that rarely needs to come in the other area attractions.

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