Travel From Harbourfront to Vivo City

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Photo : William Cho

Quite comfortable and enjoyable trip. Cleanliness of the inside awake, even cleaner than the outside, plus there are engine coolant and film for leisure. The passengers sit quietly and politely. After a 45 minute ride, Singapore began to appear from a distance. Skyscrapers towering look lined.

The closer, sentosa island more clearly visible on the right side, while the ships and port activities take place on the left. On the island of Sentosa, looks up merlion statue and various resorts and hotels. In addition it is starting to look a dangling cable car and monorail that glides quickly. Apparently we will be closer to the Harbourfront Singapore.

we arrived at the Harbourfront, the largest dock in the southern part of Singapore. Out of the ferry, we walked down the hall to the immigration building located just below the cable tens cable caryang trajectory passing of a hill on the island of Sentosa Harbourfront route.

In the immigration building which is located on the 1st floor Harbourfront, we lined up for the immigration arrival in Singapore. Looks like the officers of the various ethnic Malay, Chinese, and Indian. They mean to be fast, agile, and accurate but quite friendly. Just a quick question, usually on purpose and then straight through the next visit.

Out of our immigration directly to Harbourfront Centre, a mall which is not too big. While we circled seek access road to Vivo City. There are so many directions you great help to get there, so we just followed. Did not feel the time is at 15.00 Singapore time, on the way to Vivo City, we had found the food court still looks new and very clean.

Once considered, the price on the menu board is not too expensive. We then decided to have a late lunch here. Type of cuisine ranging from Indian cuisine, china wither, even nasi padang, prices for noodles with duck around SGD4-6, the price of drinks between SGD1 0.5 to 2. At that time we ordered 4 different types of food and only 2 kinds of drinks because there is no provision of home. Total spending SGD30 dining. For class food court like this, the price can be quite cheap.

After lunch we went on a trip to Vivo City. Because direct access, we did not realize had come to a new mall, a large and magnificent. We explored almost all the floors, then down to the floor first to see The Dancing Fountain in the courtyard outside. This fountain is in harmony with the futuristic landscaping. Through the wide glass windows, looks lie the beautiful blue sea and the harbor with boats leaning.

Cable car ride to the island of Sentosa actually fit into our agenda. Unfortunately we have very sore feet, so it is sufficient to see Sentosa Island from a distance. We decided to get to the hotel.

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