Singapore is The Most Expensive City in The World in 2023

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So, guess what? Singapore’s snagged the crown for the priciest city again in 2023 – that’s nine out of eleven years! Zurich’s on the move, jumping from sixth to second place, and New York’s just chilling in third. I got the scoop from CNBC on December 1, 2023.

Singapore’s rolling in dough because, seriously, everything there – food, booze, clothes, and having your own set of wheels – costs a pretty penny. Zurich’s climbing the ranks thanks to its strong currency and the high life’s expensive taste.

New York, the city that never sleeps (or stops spending), is in third place, sharing the podium with Geneva. Hong Kong’s rocking fifth place, and Los Angeles is cruising in sixth.

The Economist Intelligence Unit spilled the tea on the worldwide cost of living with a survey from August 14 to September 11 this year. They checked prices for over 400 things like goods and services in 173 cities.

Asia’s keeping it cool with lower inflation, making only Singapore and Hong Kong city-wise celebs in the global top 10, according to a researcher at EIU.

But hey, not everyone’s having a good time. Cities in China and Japan are taking a hit from their weak currencies. Nanjing, Wuxi, Dalian, and Beijing in China dropped more than 25 places each, and Tokyo and Osaka in Japan slipped 23 and 27 spots, respectively. Ouch!

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