Quirky Travel Tip: Skip the Hotel Iron – Here’s the Scoop

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Travel insiders are dishing out a surprising piece of advice: steer clear of using hotel irons for your clothes. It might sound odd, but there’s a good reason behind this offbeat recommendation.

When you’re on the go, keeping your clothes wrinkle-free is often a priority. However, it turns out that ironing in your hotel room might not be the best move, considering how these irons are often repurposed for some rather unusual activities by fellow guests.

As shared by the New York Post on Friday (January 19, 2024), Gilbert, the brains behind a travel website, spilled the beans that hotel guests commonly take advantage of the free irons in their rooms. But here’s the kicker: these irons aren’t exactly being used to smooth out clothes. Some travelers have been caught using them for peculiar and non-compliant activities.

“It’s not a bad idea to give the hotel iron a once-over or test it on an inside-out garment before trusting it with your crisp white shirt,” advised Gilbert.

Why, you ask? Gilbert spilled the beans – pilots and others are known to repurpose hotel irons for reheating pizza and other culinary escapades during layovers.

To avoid any potential hiccups, this travel aficionado suggests opting for the steamy solution – hang your clothes as close as possible to the hot shower. Let the natural steam work its magic and keep your outfit looking sharp.

This heads-up comes in the wake of a TikTok user gaining fame for his unconventional exploits with hotel amenities – think grilling steak with an iron, whipping up pizza in the hotel bathroom, and cooking noodles in a coffee pot.

While these antics may raise eyebrows, in a TikTok video, the user, known as Barfly, showcased the art of grilling steak with a hotel iron.

“Set the clothing iron to medium heat. Grill for three minutes,” instructed a cheeky voiceover in his TikTok video.

He then flipped the meat to heat the other side with the iron.

At the end of his culinary escapade, he humorously informed his audience that the noodles were “perfect,” but the steak was “not perfect,” and he would be “going to bed hungry.”

Comments on Barfly’s video echoed the concerns shared by Gilbert.

“Imagine getting this room and needing to iron your clothes after this, haha,” one user chuckled.

“This is why my clothes smell like gravy when I use the hotel iron,” shared another user.

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