Living in a Hotel vs Buying a House: What’s the Cheaper Option?

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So, here’s a wild one – living in a hotel might be more cost-effective than having a cozy home. A family in China is making waves by deciding to set up shop permanently in a swanky hotel. As per Oddity Central, this family of eight claims that staying in a hotel is a lighter hit on the wallet compared to the usual costs of running a household. They’re shelling out 1,000 yuan per night for their hotel pad, a special rate gifted by the hotel overlords for the extended sleepover.

“The room rate is 1,000 yuan per day. Our family is vibing here. I never thought that living like this could actually save us some cash. Everything feels like a party,” spilled one family member.

And get this, they’re planning to keep the hotel party going. No more worrying about electric bills, water charges, or where to park the family wagon. Hotel living is their kind of vibe.

“We’re living the good life here. We’re thinking of sticking around in the hotel forever,” shared Mu Xue, one of the cool cats in the family.

At present, these hotel enthusiasts have been soaking in the luxe life in a swanky hotel in Nanyang, Henan Province, for a whopping 229 days – that’s over seven months, folks. And guess what? They’ve got no plans of packing up and leaving.

The head honcho at the Maria Hotel Public Relations Association spilled the beans that there were other instances of people going all-in on hotel living before the pandemic. Apparently, some Americans and Dutch folks were clocking in hotel stays for years due to work-related duties.

“The benefits are undoubtedly more significant than renting a room for a short period. First, from a price perspective, it is undoubtedly cheaper. In a hotel, just 14 days make a difference. For long-term stays, there is a full-service residence, a bit different from apartments where housekeeping (room tidying) may not be available; it depends on preferences, whether one prefers a hotel or an apartment,” explained the Director of Marketing Communications, also a woman.

Hotels are laying out the red carpet for long-stay guests, throwing in perks like free daily laundry for a few outfits, complimentary parking, and a location that’s smack dab in the heart of the action.

“For long-stay guests. Typically, for a long-stay period, there is a special price based on the best offer and, of course, long-stay benefits that are different from regular benefits,” added Vice Chairman Reynold.

So, in the grand scheme of things, let’s break it down. Crunching numbers over a decade, the cost of hotel living vs buying a house might not be worlds apart – tens to hundreds of millions for a suburban house versus an urban hotel pad.

When you shack up in a hotel, you get to dodge various costs like parking fees, laundry expenses, and you’re treated to free breakfast and electricity. But here’s the catch – by choosing to be a hotel regular, you won’t be raking in any real estate assets.

“Indeed, in terms of calculations, it will be much cheaper, and you don’t have to think about environmental management fees and other things. However, I agree; in the end, we won’t have any assets,” Reynold chimed in.

So, what’s your take, fellow adventurers? Are you up for an extended hotel stay, or are you ready to drop some serious cash on your piece of the homeownership dream?

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