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Within the whole eyes on your traveler, not only the town of makassar in south sulawesi. town anging mamiri is already thought of a paradise destination. proof, loyal readers asiafreetravel has 6 most favorite tourist spots here.

From monday to firmly wednesday, yesterday held a survey asiafreetravel via twitter and facebook. with queries concerning the favorite destination in makassar, the answers varied asiafreetravel leveled readers. apparently, they will were therefore excited by this one town. collected asiafreetravel, thursday, heres some favorite destination of one’s selection :

Bantimurung National Park

The location isn’t specifically in makassar, other then the national park bantimurung did have its own place within the whole hearts on your dtraveler. countless as 12 % of readers selected it as one of the asiafreetravel favorite makassar travel time.

This space is located within the whole district of maros, south sulawesi. the distance is concerning 45 km direct from town of makassar. other then distance is in no way problem as to firmly be able to view all the beauty in bantimurung. butterflies and waterfall bantimurung could be a main issue to firmly attract native and foreign tourists.

Bantimurung comes from bugis, benti that means that water and merrung that means that rumble. the word is additionally typically spoofed bantimurung be lowered moody, a place where a traveler will slam all gloom.

Losari Beach

If never to firmly come back to firmly makassar losari. therefore don’t be surprised if 37 % asiafreetravel readers selected it as one of the favorite in makassar. losari indeed perhaps one of the tourist destinations never visited lonely traveler. blue ocean and sky surely build anyone tempted.

Fun, losari fairly shut and among simple reach on your heart on your town of makassar. at the same time as the iconic beach city that once bears the name ujungpandang.

Located upon the west, losari certainly enjoyed a beautiful sunset within the whole afternoon. moment could be a welcome nature lovers. this beach doesn’t have the sprawling white sand beaches like pretty in indonesia. other then here there’s a significant pavilion that designed to function as rallying purpose tourists. this can be where a series of massive red letters that browse makassar located.

Fort Rotterdam

Fort rotterdam could be a relic fort kingdom of gowa-tallo. these days, the fort could be a tourist destination fascinating history in makassar. proven around 9 % dtraveler selected it just like a favorite fort.

Though it was eventually dusk, fort fort rotterdam still appearance solid. within there’s a museum that provides historical references galigo greatness gowa-tallo and beyond. there might be conjointly the ruins on your castle, the gardens are still maintained, and the area former prison of prince diponegoro.

If traveling to firmly this place, don’t forget to firmly bring a camera. in reality, if necessary, prepare well and noni costume dutch masters. enjoy and record your day holiday here. guaranteed, home positively bring unforgettable impression.

Jalan Somba Opu

Well, if this one may be a paradise for souvenir looking in makassar, known as jalan somba opu. the location isn’t faraway from the fort fort rotterdam, thus is straightforward to you can easily find.

Traveling while not bringing home souvenirs undoubtedly feels one thing is missing. so, as much as 6 p.c of readers asiafreetravel selected this place as their favorite destination. varied methods of souvenirs often is found here. ranging from food, musical instruments, souvenirs, custom clothing typical out to makassar and south sulawesi is here. fun anymore, its cheap and negotiable.

Trans Studio

Trans studio isn’t no more than in bandung, makassar additionally has an analogous theme park. in reality, trans studio makassar is definitely as to the largest indoor amusement park as indonesia ! thus don’t be surprised if 7 p.c dengine choose trans studio currently being a place that mandatory vacation out to makassar.

This amusement park adopted the theme of nearly all national tv programs, trans tv and trans 7. for instance, may be a haunted house known as different world, cruising, x-travaganza, and si bolang. then there’s additionally a 4d cinema, magic thunder coaster, and kids studio.

This amusement park is open each day. for monday-friday ticket for rp 100, 000, whereas for saturdays, sundays, and national holidays dearer ticket at rp 150, 000.

Akkarena Beach

Besides losari, makassar still have akkarena beach no less charm. the beach isn’t faraway from the town center, no more than regarding 10 minutes using a private vehicle. a lot of precisely, this beach is located in front as to the mall gtc makassar.

beach was chosen by 5 p.c dtraveler. obviously, the scenery is beautiful. rather dark sandy beaches, exotic waves were additionally pretty quiet. although not no more than have akkarena beach beauty alone. here too there will be facilities an example would be playground, park, till the restaurant. thus fitting for our holiday with family.

Additionally to six favorite destinations, there will be still many a lot of choices asiafreetravel readers. in makassar, there will be additionally bira beach, bugis waterpark, and of course the island khayangan selected respectively as much as 3 p.c. well, if thats an possibility dtraveler, that’s your alternative ?

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