Nevsky Prospect Story in Russia

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Photo : Evgeny Gerashchenko/Wikimedia
Photo : Evgeny Gerashchenko/Wikimedia

Traveled on Nevsky Prospect will surely remember broad and beautiful street in Paris, Avenue des Champs-Ellysees. At the end of the world is where the heart of St. Petersburg is located. Shops, churches, restaurants, monuments, and museums stands majestically beautify the city. Traveling here will not make you bored because all it takes is available in front of the eye. Road building protocol that began and ended at the Admiral cruise Plosyad the Alexandra Nevskogo must to be visited. There are so many interesting attractions. At the end of the road around Admiral, there is a monument Isakeivsky Sabor and founder St. Petersburg is being spurred the horse facing the Neva River.

Nevsky Prospect St Petersburg

Indeed, seeing the beauty of the city from the top of the church at the time Isakievsky build need a very long time it will create a memorable experience eye. As if all of the content within the grasp of the city tourists.To get to the top of the church was filled with various ornaments, dozens of stairs must be passed, with the beautiful sky.

The monument of Peter the Great which is a symbol of the city of St. Petersburg made by Ekaterina II, Queen of Great who brought Russia after the golden age and the death of Peter the Great. Ekaterina II was very respectful to Peter the Great. Bright idea of Peter the Great of Russia in building and advancing applied returned by queen Ekaterina II.

On the left Admiral, limited only by the breadth of the Nevsky Prospect, stand up magnificent Winter Palace of Hermitage. This is the best museum in Russia and one of the grandest museums in the world. As well as the Louvre Museum, the palace consists of rooms that were decorated by paintings and sculptures are priceless. Right in front of the museum, there is a very famous square, Dvortsovaya Plosyad. Palace Square is at the center of the upright monument of Alexander.

Around Metro Nevsky Prospect, lined with buildings of classical and baroque styles. One of them Kazan Church which is still enabled for worship. See this place of worship from the outside, will remind travelers on a church building in the Vatican in Rome are decorated with columns forming a half circle. There is also an ornament in the building is very grand and ancient. Although travelers may enter, not to speak too loudly on the right and left because you will find more women are worshiping.

Along the edge of the canal right next to the Church of the Kazan heading north, you will find a church that is shaped like Dengue and St. Michaelis Church. bacilli contained in the Red Square in Moscow. The difference lies in carving onion dome. That said, the church was dedicated by Alexander III to commemorate his father death, Alexander II as a result of a terrorist bomb attack.

Across The Church, tourists can find souvenirs such markets in Ismailovo Market, Moscow, in a smaller size. Even so, almost all of the souvenirs sold here. Amber jewelry, shkatulka, Matrioshka, magnetic with panoramic St. Petersburg, Faberge Eggs, and key chains. Faberge egg souvenir is a symbol of the love of the ancient king who always give a gift to the empress.

Along the Neva River passing through the canal, among others, can be started from Nevsky Prospect. As in Moscow, enjoying the city from the top of the water is much more noticeable when compared to the beauty of the city from the mainland. Almost all attractions will be passed so that it can be during a visit in St. conclusion. Petersburg. Travel costs vary by boat, you just pay 500 rubles to travel for an hour.

Along Nevsky Prospect you will find many small kiosks that offer a city tour around the city, for a day or night, inside and outside the city of St. Petersburg. City tour ticket prices vary, ranging from 500 rubles to 800 rubles for a single person, depending on the selected tour packages. Sure, the price is much more expensive than if you traveled alone using public transport such as awtobus, trolley bus, metro, or marshrutka.

Do not forget, when they are exhausted walking, just enjoy the beauty of the human traffic on Nevsky Prospect, eating at one of the restaurants and cafes are available. spend time sitting here are guaranteed not to bore. If you do not want to lose, as long as the bag is thick do not ever return to the hotel to sleep. Towards this area, you can just ride the metro and stop at Nevsky Prospect.

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