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gunung kidulUniversity geologist national development veteran yogyakarta, eko teguh paripurno, say, nglanggeran is an ancient volcano that died since innumerable years ago. nglanggeran now left out to live a a sort of fossil where an ancient volcano.

Traces in an ancient volcano in nglanggeran strengthened in the rest of lava and pyroclastic glide ( hot clouds ). a few specialists decision this mountain had been active around 50-70 million years ago. in spite of this, recent research shows recent activity nglanggeran lasted about 18 million years ago.

Nglanggeran is definitely the most series of ancient volcanic arc in southern java, that extends from banten out to banyuwangi. as a result of the procedure of subduction or intrusion indo-australian plate and therefore the eurasian, there was a shift due to southern volcanic belt towards the north out to kind the new volcanic belt as we see these days, like mount merapi, merbabu, cleft, sindoro, out to slamet, he same.

Viewed due to top, nglanggeran ancient mountain formations covering 48 hectares is indeed amazing. breccia rock strewn hills surrounding the very best peak. within the southern area of the basin appearance nglanggeran built small ponds being a supply of irrigation fruit garden around it.

Curious about seeing traces of ancient volcanic nglanggeran, representatives of united nations educational, scientific and cultural united nations ( unesco ) doubly visited the mountain, and declared worthy nglanggeran proposed being a geopark ( geological park ). determination as expected geopark ensure the preservation of ancient mountain nature is largely a land of ground sultans standing.

October 2013, unesco came once more out to nglanggeran. they actually can bring utilizing a team of specialists out to conduct research centered inside the determination nglanggeran being a geopark, same secretary of tourism awareness group nglanggeran village sugeng handoko.

In line with sugeng, nglanggeran developed being a tourist destination and environmentally sound community primarily based. voters committed out to maintaining the cleanliness of one’s mountain.

Once every week all the parts of the management team tour ancient mountain nglanggeran do mountain broom out to pack up this space. every time tour guide drove the mountain climbers, they actually additionally carry the trash back down, he same.

Nglanggeran ancient mountain guide, lili suharyanto, same that since last year, increasing the flow of traffic nglanggeran. in 2012, tourists who visit the mountain that reaches 27, 000 individuals, or an average of about 2, 250 individuals every month. march 2013, there have been 5, 991 travellers who climb nglanggeran.

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