Cheap Souvenir Shopping and All About Metro Manila

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Makati_SkylineManila could be a surge of souvenirs in the Philippines. The first goal souvenir shopping in Manila is located in Balikbayan Handicraft Antonio Arnaiz Avenue or Pasay Road. The shop is located not far from the SM Mall of Asia. Balikbayan Handicraft is a souvenir shop that provides a large collection of crafts. If you are a collector of souvenirs with wooden base material, then this place is perfect for your visit. Price souvenirs in the store is reasonably priced. You can be assigned the key chain replica sandals with only paying 50 pesos. in addition to crafts, there are also a variety of T-shirts with a variety of shades.

The second goal that you must visit to souvenir shop in Manila is at Kultura. Kultura is the most famous souvenir shop in the Philippines. in addition located inside the SM Mall of Asia, this store has a wide variety of souvenir collection complete with cheap price. If you are a fan of T-shirt collection with the unique theme of a typical Filipino, Kultura is a great place to get souvenirs that you want. You can buy a T-shirt with a wide variety of images, typical Filipino snack. and others. the price is quite cheap souvenirs at Kultura, besides the availability of goods is complete, and visitors will be very crowded. You only need to pay 400 pesos to get a T-shirt with a typical Filipino good material. Price replica tricycle, Pedicab, Calesa, and jeepney ranging from 200 to 500 pesos, while for a typical Filipino food prices ranging from 100 pesos.

Makati Central Business District at Metro Manila

Metro Manila is a business center, offices, and shopping centers are very well known in Manila. Local people commonly equate Metro Manila with Makati. To be able to go to Manila, you can ride to the Ayala MRT Station. From here, you can walk to Makati Avenue.

Makati is one of the sixteen cities that make up Metro Manila, one of the most populous metropolitan cities in the world. Makati is the financial center of the Philippines, the host of various embassies of foreign countries, and an important meeting place for international affairs. The city is famous appellation with Financial Center Philippines because here there are Philippine Stock Exchange. A variety of world-class office buildings, international banks, five-star hotels, and high class shopping area here. If you look at the picture on the Philippines that illustrates there are many tall buildings are sturdy and solid they are of Makati City. Once in Makati Avenue, you will feel a beautiful city with high class decoration buildings, orderly, clean, and wide pedestrian walk and comfortable for pedestrians.

As a business center, found many office workers dressed in neat and tie. Many also found expatriates from Europe. View of modern city is not supported by modern transportation. Contrast scene occurs when there is a jeepney that was looking for a front passenger in a magnificent office building with passenger well-dressed office workers.

Ayala Museum in the Green Belt Park

Still in the City of Makati and tired by looking at the activities of people go to work, you can visit the museum that has modern buildings, the Ayala Museum. The museum complex is located in the Green Belt Shopping Mall, right in the heart of Makati City. The museum has an interesting collection of such diverse ancestral jewelry made from gold, various motifs woven fabric, ancient pottery, dioramas maritime past civilizations, and also a collection of modern art of the 20th century. Green Belt complex in the center of the park, there are enough to help you free from the fatigue of the City of Manila is the Green Belt Park. Green park is situated in the center of the shopping complex. Indeed, this park is very cool and green with tall trees and cool. Life in Manila is quite cramped and polluting the congestion and problems on the road. Therefore, Green Belt Park has a concept that gives a feel of relaxed, peaceful, and at the heart of the city amid the busy modern.

In the middle of the park there is a beautiful church. Having a roof dome is often called the Dome Church. Around the park there are also fine dining restaurants and cafes. A very comfortable place for relaxing and meeting with business partners or close associates.

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