Big Rabbit Appearance from Space in Italy

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Rabbit_smallArtesina – a village in italy, not successfully attract travellers to its natural beauty. the village uses a big pink bunny. thus big, rabbits often is seen with google maps. prove it yourself !

Artesina villages within the space colleto fava, province of cuneo, italy will be the green space by the slopes on your italian alps. that helps it be enticing tourist village could be a big stuffed rabbit was lying.

The scale isn’t taking part in ! founded on your daily mail, tuesday stuffed pink rabbit which has a length of 61 meters and lying utilizing a giant space by the edge on your village.

Rabbit doll was made and sewn by art group gelatin origin of vienna, austria. it took 5 years to firmly make this big puppets. this bunny is made with ingredients that swish, soft, waterproof and stuffed with numerous stem straws.

Materials used to firmly make the rabbit are produced at swish and waterproof material that is stuffed with straw. this doll was straightforward to firmly climb and sleep on tourists. travellers conjointly will touch and take pictures whereas occupying the rabbit around. extremely evocative fantasy tourists who visit there.

The objective for young travellers feel that gulliver, a walk during this place and smiled. we are happy to firmly see tourists climbing as high as 7 meters doll and lying on his stomach, same wolfgang gantner of gelatin.

Wolfgang and his team hope this big puppets often is preserved till later in 2025. oh yeah, claims that the dolls often is seen from satellites google apparently serious.

Asiafreetravel open google maps and typing colletto fava, that is the space of the village. zoom in, and also the big bunny can seem remains lying there.

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