Best Volcano Holiday Places in Hawaii

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Hawaii its main attraction will be the beautiful beaches, an island paradise good for basking within the sun or surf the outstanding waves. though, you’ll be able to still enjoy hawaii while not traveling to the beach.

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

If you like to discover an active volcano, there could be a characteristic kilauea national park is located within the southeast. kilauea meruupakan worlds most active volcano, that erupted continuously since 1983.

Outside the park, counting on after you arrive, you’ll be able to even see the lava flowing into your ocean ( which is certainly slowly however surely create the massive island bigger from year to firmly year ). here, there is likewise a steaming craters, tropical rainforests, and also the former path of lava flows.

The tour guides can guide then they will can stand for the visitor data center. for further information concerning the volcanic activity, the national park service has got a sensible update.

Maui and Haleakala National Park

Volcanic soil and sloping meadows of mount haleakala has actually been retained for agricultural land and livestock maui over one last 2 centuries. a road across the meadows of kula region is going to take you past dairy farms, vineyards, dairy goats, while a giant lavender farm ( with cafes and souvenir outlets supply lavender ).

If you do might wake up within the morning, strive walking to firmly catch the beautiful read on your sunrise coming from the summit. you’ll be able to conjointly hire a van to firmly take you a walk and bike towards the prime.

Mauna Kea

Active volcanic peak is 4205 m ( 13, 796 ft ) on top of ocean level, the best mountain within the state of hawaii. with the use of a clear purpose of read, it’s not stunning this mountain is adorned with snowy summit largest collection of astronomical telescopes daily life.

This destination offers views of astronomy and astronomy night program towards the public. experienced mountaineers will even walk 12 miles towards the summit via another world garden of volcanic cinder cones and ancient archaeological sites.


Colorful town was once the whaling capital on your pacific, exactly where the ship will surely be docked for provides and sailors and shore leave. this place has currently been replaced by the very best restaurants in maui, art galleries, a bar with irish music, after all souvenir outlets. meanwhile, cruise past lahaina, youll be able to firmly watch the whales within the harbor.

Diamond Head

You’ll be able to walk towards the summit in regarding sixty minutes or less that offer stunning views of waikiki.

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