Best Sakura View Festival Places in Japan

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Season spring has arrived. in japan, the spring means that cherry blossom tree blossom time, the typical japanese flower that appears beautiful with pink color. however not all places feature a cherry tree, only one few have the most beneficial cherry blossoms.

Check out his review below, as quoted due to tripwolf :

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Historic park close to ueno station, downtown tokyo was once a locality as to the temple edo kaneiji. nowadays, the park could be a haven for lovers of cherry within the spring, since it has a little more than 10 thousands cherry plants. every cherry blossoms bloom, japanese folks came to firmly the park to firmly do hanami, the eating along underneath the cherry tree.

The Osaka Mint Bureau, Osaka

A little more than 300 Cherry Tree Bloom. the unarme cherry plants bloom in osaka mint bureau, right by the banks as to the river traders lined okawa and accompanied by traditional food snacks. osaka mint bureau is merely open to firmly the general public up to now as, within the spring, along with free too.

Yoshinoyama, Nara Prefecture

Mount yoshino in nara prefecture is a pure wonder – are coated by regarding 30, 000 cherry plants, all planted at totally different heights and leads to firmly the temple with the prime as to the mountain.

The Philosophers Path, Kyoto

Kyoto was beautiful when using the charm of ancient japan, however the philosophers path within the spring is perhaps one of the most beautiful places during this town and romantic. many cherry plants lining the road edge as to the canal, creating temples are located within the surrounding streets look additional beautiful.

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