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Laura Lo Forti/Wikimedia
Laura Lo Forti/Wikimedia

Just by sitting on the terrace of your hotel, while drinking hot coffee in Vietnam Sapa cool air, has become a pleasure beyond measure. However, you certainly will not be satisfied with just sitting on the porch of the hotel after spending a lot of time on the trip. Here are some attractions as well as activities to do in Sapa and its surroundings.

Muong Hoa River

The river begins about 14 km from Sapa and flows between two mountains. About eight kilometers from Sapa both of these mountains form the Muong Hoa valley to the south are getting more and more widespread. The scenery is very beautiful Muong Hoa. This area is the largest rice-producing areas in the region of Sapa.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is located about 3 kilometers south of Sapa. Many tourists who choose to visit this village on foot while enjoying the freshness of the mountain air. Only armed with a map that is very simple, you can reach this village. Travelers just walking on the main road to the south and will find the path on your left. On the way you will see the farm and farm animals roam. And, to return to Sapa, you can use the Xe om which it costs around 40000 Dong. The price of admission to this village is 40000 Dong. In this village there are several home industries such as chisels, weaving, and other crafts. in this village there are beautiful little waterfall.

Y Linh Ho village

Located 7 km from Sapa, the village is located on the west side of the Muong Hoa. The population of a small hamlet located in the rugged mountains of the Black H’mong is ethnicity, number only in the hundreds. They built a hut on the farm, in the form of corn and dry rice fields. How to get to this place is walking distance from the main road Sapa. However, some also offer hiking tours to and from the village.

Su Pan Village

The village is also located on the river side. It is fairly high in the mountains about 17 miles from the Sapa. Su Pan inhabited by the H’mong and Red Zao. Most of them also grow corn as the main livelihood.

The village of Ta Van and Lao Chai

Lao Chai village located about 9 km from Sapa on the west bank of the Muong Hoa. Lao Chai is inhabited by about 100 families Black H’mong. Ta Van village is also located on the west side sugnai where H’mong and Dai live together. While H’mong live in mountains, Dai chose to live near the river. Ta Van village can be reached by car and motorcycle.

Giang Ta Chai village

The location of the village opposite the village of Su Pan on the other side of the river. Inhabitants of this area are the Red Dao ethnic. They live in bamboo huts under trees near the waterfall. The community here is very closed to foreigners. To arrive at this village, off the main road, you have to follow the narrow path and over a bridge to cross the river.

Ban Ho village

About 25 km from Sapa are flat and wide valley surrounded by mountains and hills. Here the village Ban Ho is located. Ban Ho is the village of Tay ethnic. Ethnicity has a high farming skills. Most of the Tay ethnic village is a large group with more than a hundred families. home they are also unique. The village is suitable for tourists who want a homestay.

My Son, Thanh Son and Nam Chang

Some village is located at the southern end, about 35 km from Sapa. All three villages, each consisting of 15 families. Located in the most remote village inhabited by ethnic and Xa Pho ethnic groups just over 4,000 people across Vietnam. Until now, these groups rarely communicate with other groups. they communicate among themselves using their dialect. However, recently built schools in their area so that now their children can learn. Village of Xa Pho is the poorest group with farming skills are far behind. They generally live by the method of agriculture harvesting and fuel, gathering mushrooms and corn, as well as hunting. It took 6 hours walk from the village of Ban Ho to the third village. very steep and winding road. However, of course the results will be worth it.

Ta Phin village and Ma Tra only a few kilometers from Sapa, located in an oval-shaped valley. In this village lived Dao and H’mong ethnic. Now the village can be reached by vehicle. However, you are also able to continue hiking because the scenery is very beautiful village.

Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall is located about 14 miles north of Sapa and 4 km after that is the street with the highest altitude in Vietnam by local people called Heaven’s Gate. From the top looks amazingly beautiful scenery. The most appropriate location to enjoy the view of Fansipan from Tram Ton.

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