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PantéUjôngPancuAdditionally to firmly the north sumatra and west sumatra, in aceh, sumatra island there can be a fun place to firmly vacation. travelers who are or need to reach to firmly aceh province has its own target destination. heres 5 terfavoritnya destinations. nicknamed clearly as the veranda of mecca, aceh uses a dazzling charm. several exciting and attention-grabbing destinations scattered across aceh. since tuesday till wednesday, asiafreetravel via facebook fanpage to firmly roll out a survey concerning the traveler ddestinations in aceh will be the favorite them whereas on vacation. style of responses, here will be the 5 most favorite alternative destination traveler aceh, on thursday :

Weh Island

Being the foremost western island of indonesia, creating pulau weh ogled several tourists. no wonder if this island occupies the very 1st few position clearly as the favorite destinations whereas on vacation traveler to firmly aceh. 45. 2 %, wow ! when to reach to firmly pulau weh, several traveler who preyed kilometre zero monument.

Sabang town is a serious destination upon the island of weh. clearly as the largest town upon the island, sabang town was divided into higher town and lower town. additionally to firmly sabang and kilometer zero monument, there could be different cool destinations within the island of weh. beginning coming from the beaches, waterfalls, hot springs up here.

For beaches, pulau weh offers several choices. not faraway from there balohan harbour beach anoi itam. you would like to in order to snorkel or dive kindly to firmly the beach or go to firmly the beach gapang 3 wells. not faraway from gapang, there iboih beach with white sand and clear ocean water.

From iboih beach, traveler will go rubiah island. additionally to firmly these destinations, there could be still no aneuk laot, pria waterfalls, monkey road, while a hot water bath keuneukal. thus, that one would you finally choose ?

Aceh Tsunami Museum

Magnificent modern building clearly displayed clearly being a physical variety of tsunami museum in jalan iskandar muda in aceh, banda aceh. though, behind its design is wow, 3 storey building holds the memories as to the tsunami disaster in aceh meluluhlantahkan 2004.

Close to the entrance to firmly the museum displayed aceh police helicopter akibt tsunami severely damaged. when passing in the hall museum, a traveler will just be surprised by your sound of screaming pain, dark atmosphere, and water pouring coming from the walls.

Getting into the within as to the museum, the very 1st few place to firmly look will be the memorial hall traveler. next to firmly memorial hall there could be a prayer referred to as light-weight of god. then, upon the second floor as to the museum there could be a cafe and documentation. whereas upon the third floor, there could be a multimedia area.

Baiturrahman Mosque

In which the traveler who will not apprehend the baiturrahman mosque in aceh ? an icon that would be inherent with aceh, creating this famous mosque. moreover, the mosque continues to be standing sturdy after 9 years ago by your tsunami.

Covers an space of four hectares with seven domes, four towers, and of course the towers holding, creating this mosque collectively as to the largest mosque in southeast asia. upon the front page as to the mosque there exists a massive pool and palm plants.

Whereas visiting the masjid raya baiturrahman, positive you be certain you wear decent clothes. regarding the traveler will men wear trousers while a lady traveler wear headscarves and protective clothing.

Iboih Beach

Though included within the whole space of pulau weh, apparently iboih beach has its own fans. the proof, the white sandy beaches successfully finished fourth just like the favorite destination traveler. Crystal clear waters, creating iboih a fun place for snorkeling. when twilight panorama all around the beautiful beaches with golden sun lightweight.

Travelers probably will make this beach currently being a place to firmly sleep. yes, all around the beach iboih already there might be several lodging. therefore, please select according to firmly the budget you could have !

Gunung Leuser National Park

Talk about nature, aceh possesses a complete natural destination. mount leuser national park its name. ranging from all-natural green to firmly the river with rapids that challenge existing within the whole national park. gunung leuser national park has an space of up to firmly a regular, 094, 692 hectares and is located in 2 provinces, namely aceh and north sumatra. travelers will explore every detail of trekking gunung leuser national park.

Whereas with the park, don’t miss to firmly see the orangutan habitat. pleased to firmly see the funny behavior of orangutans, you might want to take a look at the adrenaline challenging rapids within the whole alas river. if you’re adventurous with idol as to the heart, strive to firmly stop by your hill love. romance !

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