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Air cool breeze. towering karst hills. the width of one’s li river with its clear water splitting within the whole middle of one’s hill. that section of the atmosphere in guilin, one small village within the whole province of guangxi, china.

Browsing upon the li river in boats along with chinese referred to as li jiang as being one one of the fitting method to relish the beauty in one corner of guilin. the trip starts from zhujiang pier. boats depart at 09. 30 and asked tourists typically already within the whole dock at 09. 00. there will be many boats obtainable at this dock.

Throughout the five-hour boat trip into yangshuo, travelers are spoiled by a mixture of one’s beauty of the row of numerous karst hills, waterfalls, landscaped banks, farms, and native settlements.

Upon the approach along 83 kilometers, tourists, who initially enjoyed the read upon the deck of one’s ship that was a relief, will descend towards a seat whereas eating lunch by having will still relish the read. the windows on either side of one’s ship is quite big.

Green Silk Ribbon

The beauty of one’s li river has actually been famous since the tang dynasty ( 618 years till the year 907 ). poet du fu ( 712 years till the year 770 ) reveals the beauty of one’s li river in one sentence, the river is such as a green silk ribbon, and therefore the hills were like jade hairpins.

Though it really has been known for an extended time, the li river remains laid often. in a few stretches, the river edge dibeton accidentally, whereas in alternative segments an example would be left shore. structuring the li river offer proof that china is able to mix economic progress along with the tour.

Besides enjoying the panoramic beauty down the approach, travelers will conjointly interact along with the native people that sell. the merchants can associate sampan alongside the ship slowly cruised whereas giving his wares. these merchants usually sell fruits or vegetables freshly picked.

Rates go up river cruiser li 500 yuan, or regarding rp 750, 000 per person. in late november 2012, this tourist spot visited by native and foreign tourists from asia, europe, the U.S., and latin america.

China seriousness work upon the tourism sector is likewise seen within the whole dock yangshuo, where exploration is over. on high of one’s pier, built souvenir sales space extends along approximately 1 mile onto the exit. spot where sale of varied kinds of souvenirs is convenient since it is equipped by having permanent roof that stop travelers coming from the rain or hot sun.

Outside the complicated are still lined the pier yangshuo souvenir outlets and food stalls. price of one’s goods less expensive in comparison to the same goods sold close to the dock.

Elephant Trunk

Alternative attractions would be the landmark guilin elephant trunk hill, a park by having karst hills within the whole middle. this karst hills upon the edge of one’s li river, other then within the whole middle segment of guilin town. towering position within the whole town center alone makes this distinct karst.

Karst is named elephant trunk as a result of there will be components that resemble elephant was drinking water for the li river. to firmly confirm its form resembling an elephant, made conjointly a few elephant statues close to the park.

Additionally to firmly giving panoramic li river, this park conjointly offers views of one’s town of guilin peak height. in karst peak height of approximately 100 meters coming from the park, visitors will see a few angles guilin.

During this park, there will be many traders who peddle wares using malay and indonesian. if you do in fact see tourists faced malays, these readily offered his wares and willing to firmly cut price. having been shocked, suddenly these supply an umbrella within the whole indonesian language. perhaps its a great deal of tourists from indonesia, malaysia, brunei previously traveled to firmly elephant trunk memorized ensuring that the merchants, aforementioned reza lukmanda, tourists from indonesia.


Guilin travel package typically comes by having visit onto the town of liuzhou as being in possibly one of the access naning, the capital of guangxi. in liuzhou, tourists are conjointly treated onto the beauty of one’s town that’s extremely organized.

Possibly one of the mainstays in liuzhou is an artificial waterfall and fountain attraction at night. the second best method to enjoy this dish happens to be the exploration of one’s night to firmly utilize the ships tours with rates of eighty yuan, or regarding rp 120, 000 and get a span of ninety minutes.

Cluster of waterfalls down the 650 meter periphery liujiang river is located connecting bridge and therefore the wenchang wenhui. this artificial waterfall feels to originate from panlong mountain, karst clusters that exist in liuzhou town center and was completed in february 2007.

Of one’s length of one’s row, the best waterfall is 25 meters. at night, artificial waterfalls that draw water from liujiang river appearance beautiful.

A musical fountain isn’t off from the artificial fountain complicated, that’s located connecting bridge and wenhui liujiang. complicated musical fountain that occupies a location along 315 meters upon the side of one’s liujiang river. shots highest fountain will reach 100 meters. the fountain rocked up and right all the way down to the music.

That night, we were treated to your musical fountain show with orchestral music. its beautiful.

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