Aogashima, The Village Inside Volcanic Island

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Have you ever imagined living within the village located within the crater of one’s volcano ? not kidding, it seems there’s, you recognize, like this village in japan.

Aogashima in japan may be a volcanic island that uses a massive crater in the midst. upon the island within the philippine ocean, izu islands, there’s a village inhabited by 200 individuals.

The island is known because of its characteristic form, such as a donut hole in the midst. its simply a hole that’s a big volcanic crater that stuffed the homes of one’s villagers.

Initially glance, the village upon the island is really as isolated coming from the outside world. the village has a regular and easy, good for those that need out to realize the serenity of urban riuhnya. similarly, as quoted odditycentral, wednesday ( 26/12/2012 ).

Not no more than that, the village conjointly has many tourist attractions. you may attempt hiking or camping within the volcano, or visit the thermal baths. in the midst of one’s island there’s a geothermal pool that could well be a pure sauna.

Till currently, a volcano upon the island of aogashima still active. the very last major eruption occurred 200 years ago, in 1785. approximately 140 were killed when finally it was, and since that very day the population aogashima invariably be cognizant of the subsequent eruption.

Out to achieve aogashima, you’ll no more than utilize ferry or helicopter. additionally out to hiking, diving will conjointly be an different tourism upon the island, with stunning clear blue ocean mengelilinya, positively invite you out to swim.

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