Cool Beautiful Souvenir that You Should Take and Have from Indonesia

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A gift that will be not continually memorable keychain. numerous fabrics are beautiful and typical in an space is additionally nice for hand-made pcs. these 5 varieties of beautiful and elegant fabric suitable for our indonesian special souvenir.

collected asiafreetravel, monday these some beautiful fabrics from indonesia :

Ikat Weaving

2 beautiful fabric that indonesia and is usually used currently being a gift is weaving. ikat one in each of the can be one of the by-now obligatory visit out to flores, ntt.

There will be many areas within the central flores specialized manufacture and sale of woven cloth, the village sikka in maumere, lio, and ende. in spite of this, possibly the most frequently visited by tourists will be the village of sikka in maumere.

Visit there, you might want to not no more than search, but as well as look for the method of creating ikat. with skilled tourists will see the mama fun creating cloth in front of one’s house. with diligent and conscientious, they will arrange threads one by one employing a loom that should be woven fabric intact.

Pleased to view the method of creating, its chance to search. there will be many varieties of woven fabric on sale, ranging from 2 meters out to live fabric neckpiece. the price additionally varies betting on the dimensions.


Who won’t recognize batik ? nearly everybody possesses a fabric in this type and is usually utilized in a spread of activities. there will be formal wear currently being a shirt, others carrying it as everyday clothing.

Batik is famous to its distinctive manufacturing method, plus the that means of one’s motif used. batik cloth is made by employing a method pencantingan night or wax. in that acse coloured.

There are a few areas which are fashionable with batik, namely yogyakarta, solo, pekalongan and cirebon. all four regions even have totally different kinds of batik.

Among the 3 destinations, possibly the most famous will be the yogyakarta batik craft. nearly every tourist who comes out to yogya batik fabric search had missed as souvenirs.

Usually, possibly the most visited place is beringharjo market. here, lined with outlets selling handicrafts of batik cloth, ranging from clothing out to accessories batik, certainly for a cheap price.


Another fabric that will be not less beautiful plus usually used as souvenirs by tourists are songket. this fabric is typically used currently being a souvenir by a traveler who was a walk out to sumatra.

One in each of the famous souvenirs songketnya is west sumatra. what makes the west sumatran songket is therefore famous is as a result of the yarn used in order to make this can be a golden thread.

Selling price varies, betting on the sort of alittle songket. yes, sumatran songket there will be four types, namely songket threads 1, 2, 3 and 4.

What distinguishes it will be the fourth fabric weave. creating one thread songket a lot of difficult and takes a lot of time, as a result of the weavers had out to thread a piece by piece to 1 section of fabric intact.

Meanwhile, four threads, creating it easier and faster for weavers directly enter 4 threads directly within the engine. viewed due to manufacturing method, songket thread 1 thread higher than 4. no wonder the price may reach vari greenbacks.


Borneo island additionally has beautiful fabric that will be usually used currently being a gift, that sasirangan. this is actually a more than a little distinctive batik cloth kalimantan. tourists will see it within the outlets that exist in banjarmasin or martapura.

Motifs on sasirangan quite not the same as different fabrics. no wonder if once seen, youve instantly recognized him.

Just as batik, fabric sasirangan additionally sold with totally different types. there sasirangan like cloth, robe, shirt by shirt. the materials used additionally vary, like rafters, cotton and silk.

Intrigued when using the souvenirs in this one ? travelers will hunt martapura market, south kalimantan. this is definitely market that will be crammed by almost sasirangan reseller.

Costs given are numerous. out to sasirangan cotton price is around rp 150, 000, whereas those made out of silk around rp 210, 000. other then don’t worry, all the costs it could still go down if you really haggle.


If west sumatra has songket, north sumatra has ulos fabric. these fabrics have long been the main culture of batak society. ulos was never absent due to numerous activities or ceremonies in west sumatra.

Ulos fabric possesses a distinctive feature for our batak. if there is a few big event celebration that won’t use ulos, it’s not legitimate event.

As a result of no more than in north sumatra, fabric ulos made too many souvenirs by tourists. they’ll come back onto the numerous centers of one’s manufacture and sale by that will be there.

One in each of the centers might well be visited inside the island of samosir. there will be many craftsmen and sellers of cloth ulos there, such as the one within the village perbaban. you might want to get it currently being a souvenir. other then tourists need to pay a trifle within to purchase ulos, as a result of costs ranging from countless thousands out to vari greenbacks.

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