Woman Jogging in Wildlife Park Attacked by Wolves

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A woman jogging in a safari park near Paris had a terrifying encounter with wolves, but fortunately, she survived and is now receiving intensive care.

According to BBC on Saturday (June 29, 2024), the woman was attacked by wolves while jogging in a safari park near Paris, as reported by French media.

The victim was staying in Thoiry park lodge. On Sunday morning (June 23), she got lost and wandered into the main safari zone, which is designated for cars.

She was attacked by Arctic wolves.

Thoiry, located about 40 km west of Paris, is one of the most popular wildlife parks in France. The park is home to around 800 animals that roam freely while visitors observe from their vehicles.

The safari park offers accommodations near the wolf and bear enclosures, with lodging areas protected by electric fences and moats, according to France Info.

So far, the national park authorities have not commented.

At this point, it’s uncertain whether the guest made a mistake or if there was an issue with the signage.

The woman was rescued after park staff heard her screams during the attack and was taken to a nearby hospital. An investigation is underway.

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