Watch Ballet in Balshoi Theater

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Ballet_troupeFor those of you who liked the works of high art, do not miss the traditional Russian ballet watching the show, you can watch Russian ballet in St. Marinsky Theatre. Petersburg or Balshoi Theatre Mokswa. Russian ballet is famous all over the world. The most popular is the play that depicts the story of Swan Lake prince who falls in love with the white swan which was transformed into a beautiful princess.

The beauty of departing from the greatness of Russian ballet ballet artists who are talented and capable. In addition, the classic color appearance of these cultures into its own power. Through adequate lighting, the audience spellbound as to the past like a tsar who was enjoying the show presented by the people.

Watching ballet in Balshoi Theater is not easy. You have to book well in advance of. The tourists from various countries usually after the show as part of their trip to Russia. Ballet not only be watched in Balshoi Theatre. Many theaters are showing other classical ballet or theater. if you want to Balshoi Theatre, you simply use the metro and stop at the station Teatralnaya,

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