Want Your Baggage Out First? Here’s How!

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After a long flight, waiting ages for your luggage to pop onto the carousel can be a real drag. But fear not, there are some nifty tricks to ensure your bags come out first when you land.

The idea is simple: if you check in last, your bags will be loaded onto the plane last, meaning they’ll be among the first off when you reach your destination.

Thomas Lo Sciuto, a gate agent at a regional US airport, explains that bags are loaded front to back on the luggage carts.

Certain airlines also offer priority baggage handling for passengers, especially those flying business class or part of a frequent flyer program. These folks often get their own special baggage carousel.

Another smart tip from news.com.au is to tag your luggage as “fragile.” This can influence how baggage handlers treat your bags and may result in them being loaded last, thus unloaded first, cutting down your wait time.

Also, remove old tags from your bags and use unique tags for easy identification upon arrival. Different tags reduce the chances of someone mistakenly grabbing your bag.

For those who prefer a different approach, consider handing your bag over at the aircraft gate for cargo loading. This method ensures quicker unloading upon arrival, but keep in mind it might require re-screening and could involve fees. Plus, you won’t be able to pack liquids or certain items not allowed in carry-ons, as you’ll need to take the bag through security and to the gate. This option usually applies to smaller bags.

These tips can make a big difference in getting your luggage swiftly and smoothly after landing. Happy travels!

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