Visit Ciputra Artpreneur Center Jakarta, Feel Experience International Art from Indonesia

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Photo: Marshall Astor/Flickr
Photo: Marshall Astor/Flickr

Ciputra Artpreneur Center, this place is made with dedication to purpose to explore, discover and celebrate the diversity of experiences of art and culture of Indonesia. Ciputra Artpreneur Center is located on the top floor of Mall Ciputra World Jakarta consisting of an art museum, exhibition space paintings and sculpture, theater with international standards, multifunctional space, as well as other supporting facilities. The building site is located in a large complex consisting of offices, apartments, hotels, and malls. This major project will begin at the end of 2013, Ciputra hopes to become a partner of the principals of art and culture in Indonesia and internationally.

Ciputra Art Management as manager of Ciputra Artpreneur Center is a company that has made many notable art exhibitions in Jakarta and the world. such exhibition Beyond The East (Rome, Italy (MACRO)), The Eye of Indonesia (Jakarta and London, England (Saatchi Gallery)), annual exhibition and an exhibition of photography Artpreneur, Beyond Photography. Ciptura Art Management is also often in collaboration with other world-class companies to hold an event like Decovisual Group, Habir Development Consultants, Beca, Philip Soden, Benoy, Vipac, Avio Mattiozzi and much more

Open Thinking in Ciputra Museum of Art

Museum Ciputra contained in this building is the place to show off the art collection of Dr. Ir. Ciputra. Through exhibitions, programs, research and publications, the Museum is trying to interpret his own collection of documents that provide a lot of information and perspectives on progress in Indonesia and international art from the period of modernism to the present.

In Ciputra Museum you can see and learn about Indonesian art. Which largely contributed to the development of social community that continues to preserve the sound of their cultural aspirations. Museum aspires to help the cultural community to show their identity and their diversity in the world is always changing. This situation will certainly create greater opportunities both in education as well as the introduction for visitors to learn more about the experience of seeing art appreciation Indonesian greater.

Seeing Diversity in Space Exhibition

Ciputra Artpreneur Center has a special exhibition hall large enough to hold an exhibition event, the space of about 1,500 square meters consisting of 2 art galleries. Each room is designed with neutral shades and can be combined according to different needs for the event. The gallery can also connect you to the main lobby prefunction provide a larger space. With the original design and organic, Ciputra Artpreneur Gallery Exhibition Center can provide new things, fresh, and dynamic according to your needs. The gallery is also equipped with direct loading access, WiFi internet connection, multifunctional space, prepar

ation room, direct guest access, and other services that can be customized according to your artistic inspiration. Here, you can relax a little in the gallery of innovation that is a private meeting place with modern interior style, and do not forget to visit the Experience Gallery is an exhibition space design such large tunnels with high glass walls on the side, you will see the grandeur and opulence of jakarta beautiful balcony on the other side with beautiful rolling past the stairs that are connected and equipped with high-tech projector to turn on the lights unique in the wall, floor and ceiling. Suitable for making a great event that will make an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Enjoy the beauty of Cultural Performances in Theatre

Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre Centre occupies almost the entire 13th floor. This theater is very sophisticated with high international standards in the modular aspect of stage, orchestral, and fly tower. The oval shape gives the site a perfect viewpoint of the audience and provide the best visual treatment for all viewers. Together with the high-class acoustic style, this theater offers a thorough joy to experience visual and audio visitors.

To undertake the production and preparation of performances, theater in Ciputra Artpreneur Center also has a fully equipped facility with plenty of room to spare. This is perfect and can be customized to show up to the theater is simple with high standards from around the world. The theater also offers a wide range of interests such as to make F & B counter, pre-function, box office, and a VIP lounge. Pre-function area is also connected to a balcony view, so that you will be very comfortable in our indise one gem type, The Experience Gallery.

Wait, What else? Let’s Go to Ciputra World Jakarta Now

You can use your own vehicle to visit Artpreneur Center in Ciputra Ciputra World Jakarta. You can put your car in a nearby parking lot located on the 11th floor and basement Ciputra World Jakarta. If using public transport, you can use the Trans Jakarta Bus (Busway) with exit at the karet bus stop Trans Jakarta shelter, from here you can walk to the building by a distance of about 500 meters. You can also use other public transport such as train, taxi, auto rickshaw, Bemo, Ferry, Pedicab, and others.

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