Visit 10 Best Shooting Places for Popular Korean Drama and Movies

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Korean wave very feature a fever pleasure for young folks, together with indonesia. well, if you do are a real lover of korean dramas and movies, 10s should visit destinations these places as being the set of many korean dramas too as iconic impressions.

South korea could be a searching paradise myeongdong space. currently, this place isn’t only one tourist destination jujugan searching but as well as typically a collection of 2 well-known serial drama that princess hours and boys over flowers. this is often where lee shin and chae-gyeong kiss in one episode of princess hours. whereas the boys over flowers build the farmers table restaurant in myeongdong space became the location on your multiple images.

Hapcheon Theme Park
Who doesn’t apprehend the famous film that catapulted the name of won bin currently being a korean female idol. yes, the epic film titled taekgukgi : brotherhood of war background condition is korea in 1950 happens in hapcheon image theme park possesses a vast 231, 404 square meters and is located in gahori, yongju-myeon. this location is owned by south koreas 2 major firms namely kbs and mbc. by going to these places, we can be aware that the film crew is serious concerning utilizing a kind of ornaments that studio conditions similar out to setting the desired movie. interestingly, hapcheon image park is not merely a filming location, but as well as helps us learn in regards to the history of south korea and north korea.

Cheonggyecheon River
Major rivers are located in seoul cheonggyecheon is perhaps absolutely not name that’s simply pronounced by our tongue, other then once its existence managed to present another nuance within the midst of urban congestion. the river that once was is currently a dirty corner on your fun for native residents and tourists. no wonder when the film jeon woo chi, starring actors kang dong won and im soo jeong makes this river currently being a shooting location for a few scenes. you conjointly don’t miss the cheonggyecheon river out to barely relax or see the fountain show attention-grabbing candlelight within the evening.

Myeong-dong Cathedral
Myeong-dong cathedral was the very first roman catholics churches in south korea. the most attraction in this place is that the beautiful design and also the gothic structure. no wonder if there are a handful of that use serial korea myeong-dong cathedral in seoul currently being a method to shoot. noted tv drama you’re beatiful utilized beautify the cathedral scene between park shin hye who plays go minam and jang geun seok who plays hwang tae hyeong sebai.

Sangyukwan University
Sangyukwan university could be a campus wing confucianism that stood since 1938. name this campus come back creeping up and also the additional publicly known outside of korea throughout boom typically sangkyukwan scandal. not just that, it turned out as being faculty studying a few south korean artists like ji hyun woo ( becomming billionare ), song joong ki, moon geung young and go hye sun who starred in god of study. sangkyukwan university buildings are currently in 2 locations quickly. department of humanities and social sciences is located in myeongnyun dong, jongno-gu, central seoul. whereas majoring in science cheoncheon dong, do gu, suwon.

N Seoul Tower
N seoul tower is one of the many landmarks of seoul which is certainly located on prime of namsan mountain. this is often where filming a few scenes and boys over flowers princess hours. tower built since 1969 within which there’s teddy bear museum that became the scene whereas filming princess hours chae-gyeong walking with his grandmother future king lee shin. well, don’t miss the n seoul tower joined of those destination yes.

Full House
One appeal of full house except in terms on your story is charming ornaments shooting. beginning due to underwear model out to the full house is that the story populated by couples yeong jae ( played by rain ) and ji eun ( played by son hye-kyo ). in korea, the full house was then a hot issue in line along with the boom within the series. currently, a house by having modern minimalist vogue turned out to be one of the many destinations worth your visit if traveling out to korea. the house is located in incheon shoreline is amazingly dear out to pass up.

Nami Island
For enthusiasts seria winter sonata, romantic, scenic nami island certainly isn’t foreign anymore. being in chuncheon, gangwon-do, this place is amazingly beautiful and charming. nice neat line of bushes whereas the spring molt and each offer a feel of beauty. to not mention alternative bushes that not just provides the green scenery, but as well as yellow and red. within this island we could see directly where just choi ji-woo and bae yong joon creating love to each and every alternative.

Lotte World
For fans on your series boys over flowers is certainly aware of the largest indoor theme park in the planet. filming series boys over flowers held at lotte hotel world as ji-hoo ( kim hyun-joong ) held a welcome party to his girlfriend. serial stairway out to heaven conjointly opt for lotte world ice skating rink currently being a shooting location. anyway, you’ve got not something that you should lose here, as a result of a kind of rides games might well be chosen at can for your company plus your family out to strive. lotte world is located in the center of seoul precisely in seoul-si songpa-gu jamsil-dong 40-1 south han river.

Banpo Bridge
Banpo bridge could be a bridge connecting the seocho and yungsan, splitting the han river in downtown seoul. the attention-grabbing side of the very best and left on your bridge is sturdy nan conjointly emit water sourced due to river han. via the native government, the fountain is adorned with colorful led lightweight. therefore if you do see it given by a distance, the fountain can emit varied colours, like red, yellow and blue. there will be concerning 190 heaps of water fountains successfully transmitted over 9380 holes in each and every minute of your new toy along the very best side and left the bridge. well, as a result of this is that the beauty in this bridge is typically used for filming video clips and korean dramas and movies like super junior and series boys over flowers.

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