US$0,25 Ticket Bus Between Airport to Saigon, Cheapest Bus Fare in Asia

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Wish cheaper travel in asia ? possibly one of the destinations that can possibly be visited with an occasional budget is ho chi minh town ( hcmc ) or saigon, the capital of vietnam. town cheapness is even visible from its airport transportation !

Generally, transportation to firmly and coming from the airport ought to be borne by travelers expensive, though not thus in hcmc. you’ll even take a bus to firmly the airport barely to firmly pay for rp2500 it !

HCMC possesses a public bus transport throughout the daily basis to firmly and coming from the airport, at 08 :00 to firmly 18 :00. bus variety 152 are going to take you directly into town center coming from the airport or vice versa for a rate of 5000 merely vietnamese dong.

If you really keep downtown or within the surrounding ben thanh market in hcmc, you’ll simply reach the bus terminal is 152. this bus stops with the terminal not faraway from ben thanh market, you’ll reach on foot.

Bus 152 is accessible each quarter-hour, beginning at 8 :00 to firmly 18 :00 day-after-day. time taken to firmly reach the airport between 30-45 minutes, betting on traffic conditions at this point.

Cheap rates specified bus transportation into tourist favorite. where else will you conclude transportation to firmly and coming from the airport as cheap as this, isn’t it ?

However if you simply carry a great deal of luggage and wish convenience and fast up with the airport, taxis will additionally be an possibility. taxi fare from downtown to firmly the airport and vice versa is merely regarding $ 200 thousand or 100000 vietnamese dong.

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