Turtle and Tiger Roller Coaster in Germany

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Colossos_Heide_Park_Soltau_GermanyConcern ride a roller coaster ? no want to actually worry, the roller coaster is designed for your company who don’t wish a game that’s too adrenaline. in germany, you’ll strive the roller coaster that’s played on foot !

The roller coaster referred to as turtle & tiger, built utilizing a former mining in duisburg, germany in 2008. this roller coaster high as 20 meters.

Interestingly, this doesn’t utilize a roller coaster train to get tourists glide and climb simply as a roller coaster. to actually play, tourists have to run to find its peak, passing across the winding roads.

Roller coaster is built for high-speed trains running tiger, however to actually enjoy visitors should walk as a turtle. hence the name tiger & turtle, same ulrich genth, the creator of the roller coaster, as quoted from dailymail, sunday.

This roller coaster has 249 stairs by having total length of 220 meters. at night, the roller coaster can look lovely with bright lights in her aspect. interested to do ?

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