Travelling in the Han River

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Photo By inShappoWeTrust
Photo By inShappoWeTrust

Are you a travel lover? Like the streets? Or may want to enjoy the holidays with family or girlfriend? Han River which is located in Seoul this may be an option for you lovers of travel. Let’s discuss what this beautiful Han River.

Han River is located in the south of Seoul, which is one of the most enjoy doing in Korea because of the beauty of the river plus the panoramic beauty of Yeouido Park and Nanji Park. This place is very rameh visited during the summer and spring.

Korean romantic place yeouido-park
Yeouido Han River park suitable for you couples who want to spend time together. This place can be easily reached by public transport, and is a spot frolic filled with nuanced romantic places such as cafe, floating stage, and cruise ships. Among these, the best way to enjoy the Han River is by cruise ship. Live music and a buffet is very exciting to be enjoyed, as they also presented a beautiful night scenery, including the rainbow fountain on Banpo Bridge. During the summer, you can also enjoy the beautiful fireworks during the cruise. Cruise “live music”, which leaves at 7:30 pm, includes live music concerts, and also a beautiful night view of Seoul.

These cruises are very popular for lovers who want to apply for the lover, and also good for soothing / refreshing themselves from the daily grind while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the Han River night. Cruise “buffet”, a buffet, providing about 60 types of food menu, including Korea, China, Japan, and the West. This place is suitable for those couples who want to experience a touch of romance and a beautiful panoramic view of the Han River.

Han River is not just a romantic place for couples but can also be a great place for a family name Park Nanji. Who know turns this park about 20 years ago became the city dump of Seoul, but with the development of the Han River is the place to be Nanji Park beautiful and a nice place for the family camping.

Nanji Han River in the park, you can find a campground, swimming pool, sculpture garden, cycling, fountains, and others. The entry fee is not expensive, and is equipped with various facilities, including an outdoor kitchen, 24-hour convenience store, laundry place, bathroom, barbecue tools and other supplies. You can hire coal for grilling and camping tents for one full night and enjoy an outdoor dinner setting. There are some tips for you who want camping ^ ^

How if you are interested to go there with a girlfriend or family? you must don’t miss a moment with the loved ones in this river

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