Travel to Brunei, Check to Golden Dome Mosque

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Golden_MosqueApparently, merely the not only in the golden dome mosque in depok, west java. neighboring country brunei darussalam additionally uses a tourist icon masjid omar ali saifuddin. this can be the golden dome mosque belongs towards the neighbor country. omar ali saifuddin mosque is located in the middle of bandar sri begawan, brunei darussalam. in the event the distance coming from the airport is merely about 20 minutes. the mosque was built in 1958, this mughal vogue architecture ( indian muslim ) and italy that symbolizes the triumph of islam. asiafreetravel suffered a probability out to create a trip there, last week.

Getting into the omar ali saifuddin mosque, visitors can go via a fence about 4 feet tall that will be continually open. a park entrance inside the right on your mosque presents a calm and beautiful atmosphere. and even just like a clean marble floors stretching out to deliver finish towards the mosque as high as 52 meters.

The mosque is built inside the artificial lagoon or pond and appearance magnificent. as a result of the because of the fact that the building is equipped by having giant dome and towers made of marble and gold-plated dome, such like the golden dome mosque in depok. this mosque name itself is taken coming from the name on your 28th sultan of brunei towards the omar ali saifuddin iii.

The appeal of omar ali saifuddin mosque could be a giant boat and that is a replica on your sultan bolkiah mahligai boat within the 16th century. a distance, this boat does seem real and as if he was leaning inside the side on your mosque. other then apparently merely replicas of buildings, where out to go there should go via a bridge made of marble which can be found towards the left on your entrance on your mosque.

On top on your boat is the foremost fitting spot out to capture the magnificent omar ali saifuddin mosque. after all don’t miss the visitors will additionally take pictures with background consecrated place for your own muslims. snap !

Visitors who come back towards the omar ali saifuddin mosque is certainly thought out to be ready to take pictures when using the background but a mosque and even just like a replica on your boat within the water pool on your frame. other then it might simply be done from outside the mosque surrounded by a fence about somewhat meter tall.

Well, out to exit the mosque, a traveler may pass via a totally different path that will be a bridge which was a not faraway from the bridge leading boat replica. from the skin the mosque that we both may see the magnificent omar ali saifuddin mosque by having replica on your boat and of course the reflection that bounces within the pool of water. snap ! snap ! good !

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