Transportation Guide in Bali

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Bali is an island that has many tourist attractions to a considerable distance. understand the transport in Bali to know. The following below are some tips on how to find the right transportation for you when holidaying in Bali

Changing Aircraft Departure Schedule
– Check first criteria air tickets, whether non-refundable, non-re-route, or other criteria.
– If there are no such criteria, contact your local branch office and provide flight information desired changes.
– After getting the confirmation of the desired changes, immediately to the branch office of the airlines to get a sticker or confirmation form which contained the signature and official seal of the company.

Excess Baggage Aircraft
– Normally airlines charge extra for excess baggage.
– When the excess baggage of more than 5 kg, the better the excess goods are shipped with the package which of course cost less. For sending the fee through courier services depending on delivery distance goal.
Tickets booked a bus to go back to home town
– Determine what foam would you use or choose one of the buses that are well known.
– The bus dealer, select your desired departure schedule, message, name and number of your mobile phone. Make sure when you take the ticket will be.
– Make sure the departure hours and hours of preparation for departure.

Car Rent in Bali
– Check the physical condition of the car, if there are scratches and so on.
– Check the condition of the clutch, brakes, lights, and other important tools.
– Ask what fuel is used.
– Always make sure the car rental rates, with or without driver and with or without insurance.
– Make sure what time the car must be returned.

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Motorcycle Rent in Bali
– Check the physical condition of the motorcycle.
– Check the completeness of the vehicle.
– Make sure the price.
– Make sure what time the motorcycle had to be returned.
– For the worst, ask prices include insurance on the bike rental package and ask for a copy of the insurance policy.
Bike hire
– Check the physical condition of the bike such as brakes, pedals, and other important tools.
– Make sure the price and what time the motorcycle had to be returned.

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