Traditional Tenganan Village

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photo by っ
photo by っ

Tenganan is a village which still survive in the current era of rapid change of information technology. With the remote location of the village, 17 kilometers west of Karangasem, about 65 kilometers from Denpasar.

During the life of the community in the running order they cling to the village customary rules that have been written since the 11th century. Then updated in 1842 because the original fire. With the firmness, until now Tenganan survived the rapids of change.

When Kuta hotel is filled with the presence and flow of abundant travelers, stick with three Tenganan village hall is unpretentious and the same row of traditional houses. Even their descendants retain authenticity with mating fellow villagers.
Enter the starting area untouched tourism since 1960, you have to go through the narrow gate just enough for one person. Prior to entry, like other travelers, you have to contribute voluntarily to the officers in semi-permanent wooden buildings. You must fill guestbook. There is no entrance fee to the village as well as a tourist attraction.

Geringsing Cloth

Identical to the Tenganan Geringsing cloth. Begi stepped foot art shop, there will be a bid at a price of rp800,000 per each geringsing cloth until Rp2000.000. Expensive indeed, as compared to fabric production plant commonly found in textile shop, every grimace linen sheets are sheets that are exclusive. The high price because of the fabric produced in Tenganan geringsing only with the production of a very long time. The colors used are from plants that need special treatment. Another craft that are characteristic of Tenganan is woven, the craft actually comes from the island of Flores.

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