Tourist Tragically Killed by Elephants During Wildlife Tour

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A tourist enjoying the wild beauty of Africa tragically lost her life in an unexpected elephant attack.

According to ABC News on Saturday (June 22), Juliana Gle Tourne, a 64-year-old woman from Mexico, was on a wildlife tour in Zambia. She had joined a group tour to explore the wilderness.

Local officials explained that Juliana and her tour group were observing a herd of elephants. The group’s bus had stopped near the Maramba Cultural Bridge due to traffic caused by the elephants.

As the elephants passed by, they noticed the group of tourists. Feeling disturbed, the herd turned aggressive and attacked the bus, flipping it over.

Inside the vehicle, Juliana and the other tourists screamed as the bus creaked loudly under the assault. Tragically, Juliana hit her head and died instantly.

Juliana Gle Tourne from New Mexico, USA, passed away on Wednesday around 5:50 PM after being struck during the chaos caused by the elephants near Maramba Cultural Bridge.

In March, another American tourist was killed when an elephant attacked a truck in a national park, overturning it and causing injuries to five others.

Zambian authorities have urged tourists to exercise extreme caution when observing wildlife throughout the country.

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