The Tough Life of Bali’s Civets Behind the Scenes of Kopi Luwak Tourism

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Ever wondered about the animals behind Bali’s famous kopi luwak coffee? Turns out, there’s a sad story that needs attention.

So, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) did some digging and found out the harsh truth about civets in Bali’s kopi luwak industry.

They dropped a video showing how these little guys are mistreated, all for the sake of civet coffee. And guess what? It was released right on National Coffee Day.

The video showed civets living in pretty awful conditions, just so tourists can sip on their coffee. They’re basically prisoners for the civet coffee biz in Bali.

PETA spilled the beans that tourists are lured into visiting coffee plantations, where they’re fed stories about coffee made from wild animals. But here’s the scoop: the coffee actually comes from civets stuck in cages.

According to PETA, civet coffee isn’t exactly made in the most natural or humane way. Civets are snatched from the wild, caged up, and fed coffee cherries.

And get this, PETA folks saw civets in cages covered in poop, dirt, and rotting coffee cherries. They were pacing around, suffering from wounds.

PETA’s investigators even had a chat with a plantation rep who spilled the beans that tourists would flip if they knew how the coffee was made. But when they went straight to the source, the guides played dumb about the whole captive civet thing.

It’s a rough gig for these little critters, all so people can enjoy their cup of joe.

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