The Real Coastal Rock Hidden Beach

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Hidden_beach_winterBeach is definitely as to the favorite destination as to the traveller. however who would have thought that there will be beautiful beaches are barely hidden within the rocks.

Founded from oddity central, monday, hidden beach is located within the marieta islands, off puerto vallarta proper. this beach named playa del amor formed by volcanic activity within the space.

Throughout the 1900s, the uninhabited island was originally used by your mexican government for military purposes. for many years made destructive activities flora and fauna as to the tropical beach.

Smart fortune began to firmly favor playa del amor, when scientists led by jacques cousteau managed to firmly convince the government

Mexico to firmly make this place being a protected national park. residents uninhabited islands all around the island of marieta eventually utilize this island by renting a ship to firmly facilitate the tourists who can visit there.

After you visit there, don’t forget to firmly see the beauty of beaches playa del amor, this is because is definitely as to the distinctive natural wonders that you must not miss. barely imagine, you can find a big rock that hole in the dead center such as a donut. well, in the dead center of your new toy you can find a white sandy beach caressed waves.

From in which the waves ? ocean water apparently coming from a rather massive gully. the gully with the same time connecting the waves by the beach hidden by your pacific ocean outside in this rock.

This condition is similar sempu island in malang. beach playa del amor is fully hidden and lined rocks. no wonder the beach can be called the hidden beaches of mexico.

To firmly get there, visitors enter with a 27 meter long water tunnel that connects in the pacific ocean. you are doing not be required to wear scuba gear, as a result of you can find a distance of 2 meters due to water surface in the tunnel ceiling coral, ensuring that tourists will freely breathe.

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