The Most Awesome Travel Places in the Korea Tourism

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Incheon international Airport
First came to Korea for sure you will be setting foot in korea airport really cool, you will be amazed by the grandeur of this one airport, Incheon International Airport is located 70 kilometers from seoul, this is the largest airport in asia. The airport is also one of the busiest airports in the world because there are at least 63 airlines serving flights at this airport. Not only that, the airport has also got the best airport title three consecutive years, from 2006 to 2008 (according to the Global Traveller survey).

In 2010, SkyTrak consulting group located in the UK conducted a survey of 8.6 million passengers at 190 airports about their experiences when traveling flight, and the result is Incheon International Airport is the Best Airport in the world number 1, which is then followed by Hong Kong International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. Some reasons why Incheon was selected as the best airport because the airport has a golf course facilities, private sleeping rooms, a casino, and an indoor garden that can pamper guests with a fragrance of pine trees. In addition to the airport is also known as the comfort and security that super tight.

N Seoul Tower
Have not been to South Korea’s name if you have not stopped by to N Seoul Tower. SEOUL Tower is located on Mount Namsan, Seoul was originally an observation tower and a radio transmitter. The tower was founded in 1969 with a height of 236.7 m from the base and 479.7 m above sea level.
Tower known as the Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower was recently opened to the public in 1980. Since then a lot of visitors who come and enjoy the city views from the top of the tower seoul. To rise to the top of the tower, we could use the Namsan cable car, of course, visitors have to pay some money for a ticket. After enjoying the beauty of South Korea from the above, we can immediately korea souvenir shopping here, because Seoul Tower is equipped with facilities and souvenir shops. One more thing that must be visited at Seoul Tower, the restaurant located on the bottom floor of the Seoul Tower. The restaurant is very unique because it can spin. The restaurant rotates once for 48 minutes.
Want to see the beautiful south korea at night? Seoul Tower place! usually the night time visitors choose to visit this tower, because the night it feels more romantic atmosphere with lights that adorn the towers, because the weather is very cold, the jacket is a compulsory item we carry.

Han River (Han Gang)
Besides having the best airport in the world, South Korea also has the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula named Han River or in the local language called Han Gang. River has a length of about 514 km is a major river in South Korea. Here the visitors can not only enjoy the quiet flow of the river water, but also can enjoy a variety of dishes from restaurants around the Han river. Uniquely there is also a floating restaurant.
Enjoy not only the beauty of the Han River can be enjoyed from the restaurant afloat, but can also be enjoyed from the riverbank. Usually some people choose to spend time with rented bicycle or even on foot to just enjoy the beautiful Han River. Beauty Han River will be visible when the sun began to sink. Warm and romantic atmosphere will emerge from the lights surrounding the Han River.

Jeju Island
The island is located in the province of Jeju, South Korea in a very popular vacation spot for the people of Korea and Japan. Apart from being traveled, the place is also commonly used as an option for newlyweds to honeymoon.
Jeju Island, in addition to playing with the water, we could also hiking on Halla-san, a volcano with an altitude of 1,950 meters. Not only that, there are still some places that we can visit during a vacation on the island of Jeju, which Cheonjiyeon waterfalls, caves Hyeobje, and Hyeongje Island. In addition, we can also do sports activities on the island, such as golf, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.
At certain seasons, Jeju Island holds frequent festivals are filled with visitors, such as penguins swimming contest in winter, cherry blossom festival in the spring, beach festival in summer, and riding in the fall festival. Jeju Island because of its beauty now goes into the 28 finalists for the seven natural wonders of the world.

Dongdaemun or east gate of the world is a paradise for shopping lovers. Dondaemun which was established in 1905 to be one of the market or the main shopping center in South Korea. Dongdaemun Market is located at the eastern gate is a huge market that can satisfy the appetite of shoppers especially for the world of fashion from head to toe.
It could be argued Dongdaemun neighborhood is a shopping paradise for the fashion enthusiast. Many of the latest fashion that we can see in the film korea we can get in Dongdaemun. Also the price is very affordable. Believe it or not, one day will not be enough to go around the entire shop in Dongdaemun Market.

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