The Exclusive Mine Package Tour Travel in Papua

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Apparently there will be tours mines in tembagapura, papua. visitors might well be invited to discover the large, ride a cable car throughout the fog, and saw the truck on a terraced house. interested ?

Tour on your mine or mine tour is restricted tourism owned by pt freeport indonesia ( pt-fi ). tour participants are invited to discover the freeport mine in grasberg and the operational processes. destination dream team of papua mine asiafreetravel conjointly follow this tour on friday then.

Mine this tour there will be 2 types, for staff and the families and mine tours towards the public. in line with media relations superintendent freeport, karel lunt, mine tour is done internally as a result of not all staff had the opportunity to discover the freeport mine.

Mine tour for families of staff and staff who had not something you want to do with mining, an example would be administrative staff. thus we set upon the weekend to discover mine. if he staff family, he will take this tour, aforesaid karel told asiafreetravel at grasberg.

Children will join this tour by having minimum age requirement of 13 years. well what concerning the general public ? in line with superintendent visitor and institutional relations of freeport, naniur erelak, mine tours towards the public is sometimes followed from the guests freeport.

Mine tour for outside guests do exist and have to be approved by management. will the invitation, they actually will conjointly apply. if you really return ( to firmly tembagapura-red ) and suddenly asked mine tour which will not, aforesaid naniur on any separate occasion.

Mine tour to firmly external parties by naniur typically bundled by having themed visit towards the institute of mining community development nemangkawi, environment and culture like meeting kamoro, indigenous tribes within the whole freeport space. as an illustration, the team came towards the dream destination papua nemangkawi mining institute, tembagapura, grasberg mine, met kamoro and came towards the reclamation space.

Those who desire to, submit its proposal towards the freeport office in jakarta. the management can raise the aim and objectives. if approved, can be it is going to be borne freeport.

If we enjoyed a guarantee letter from high management, thus we stayed only set. aircraft, accommodation, meals that we feature. up to twenty folks in a gaggle, it is sometimes entourage government or parliament, aforesaid naniur.

For accommodation, the participants are lodged at rimba papua in timika hotel and guest house in tembagapura. aircraft typically wear airfast which is certainly each day brings freeport staff from timika to firmly jakarta, surabaya, makassar or denpasar.

Mine is certainly absolutely not tourist tour mediocre. other then, mine tour sebaga restricted tourism and special interest, providing exciting and adventurous expertise for your own traveler.

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